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The ceaselessly charming Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang—a former thief making an attempt to go straight. Nonetheless, after being tricked into stealing an excellent-powered outfit from good scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), he is satisfied to don the suit, turn into Ant-Man, and defeat a villain who’s stolen the shrinking expertise. Ant-Man is a tiny story for a tiny hero—as opposed to the Avengers franchise. Maybe sensing their viewers was growing weary and overwhelmed with Marvel’s ever-expanding universe, the creators realized it was time for a smaller, character-pushed movie… and Ant-Man fits the invoice. Rudd might not be anybody’s definition of a hero, but he is nice at playing characters the amazing spider man sweatshirt uk viewers can root for. And with Douglas supplying the dramatic spine, along with a strong comedic supporting solid, Ant-Man has supplied Marvel with one thing they have not really pulled off since the first Iron Man—a story you really care about. Whereas the first and second acts aren’t as engaging as I’d like, and the feminine characters are woefully underdeveloped Women’s Print black widow band Short Sleeve Tops Tees (surprise!), when the ultimate blockbuster battle materializes (in miniature), Ant-Man turns into a sensible, understanding parody of all of the overblown superheroics amazing spider man sweatshirt uk which have preceded it. It is a display of self-awareness from Marvel that frankly, in any case this time, is a relief.