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Teen Titans: Hassle In Tokyo

Warner Bros. Tv

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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is a 2006 television animated film adaptation of the DC Comics superhero crew Teen Titans. The movie premiered on Cartoon Network on September 15, 2006 and on Kids’ WB on September Women’s Spider-Woman Avenger Desgin Long Sleeve Tee Shirt sixteen, 2006. Teen Titans head author David Slack returned for this film, having left the series after its fourth season (which was intended to be the last season of the present). It additionally as the series finale movie of the Teen Titans (2003 Tv Series).

The film takes place someday after the events of the ultimate season, where the Teen Titans come across a new villain named Sacio Tek. After attacking Titans Tower, the Titans uncover he was sent by a menacing and mysterious Japanese criminal referred to as Brushogun. In order to resolve the thriller, the Teen Titans travel to Tokyo, but have some difficultly fighting evil on the other facet of the world. Meanwhile, Robin and Starfire are beginning to realize they can’t keep hiding their true emotions and should decide if they able to take a new step in their relationship

Soar City is attacked by a Japanese ninja known as Saico-Tek. The Teen Titans manage to capture him having their tower damaged. Below interrogation, Saico-Tek reveals the id of the one who despatched him: Brushogun. The ninja vanishes and the Titans head to Tokyo, Japan, to seek for its master.

Upon arriving Tokyo, after overcoming the language barrier (Starfire kisses a Japanese boy and learns how to talk Japanese, much to Robin’s shock and jealousy) and preventing a Godzilla-like giant reptile, the Titans meet Tokyo’s own supernatural protection pressure – the Tokyo Troopers – led by Commander Uehara Daizo. He reveals the Titans across the Tokyo Troopers headquarters, and when Robin questions him on Brushogun, Daizo claims that Brushogun is nothing more than an city legend. Left with no villains to pursue, the Titans can do nothing else than to take pleasure in Tokyo as vacationers.

Everyone goes off to separate parts of Tokyo to do their own thing: Beast Boy follows a cute girl round and eventually lured to a karaoke bar, Cyborg goes to an “all-you-can-eat” restaurant, and Raven searches for guide stores to read and by the way finds a ebook describing the arkham asylum t shirt origins of Brushogun. In the meantime, Robin and Starfire explore Tokyo, from boating through sakura trees, and watching a sumo-wrestling match to going to an arcade. Throughout the trip, Robin and Starfire lastly begin to specific their true feelings for one another whereas additionally explaining that nothing may ever get in the way in which of their friendship. They’re about to share their first true kiss together, when all of the sudden Robin starts to concentrate on Brushogun once more and tells Starfire that they’re heroes, and so they can’t be something extra. Upset, Starfire flies away crying.

Investigating alone, Robin is attacked as soon as extra by Saico-Tek and they get into a very violent struggle which ends with Robin pummeling the ninja into the ground. When Saico-Tek does not rise, the gang watching believes Robin has murdered his opponent. Commander Daizo apprehends Robin, regardless of the hero’s protestations of innocence.

In the meantime, Beast Boy and Cyborg are now being chased by Beast Boy’s fangirls from the karaoke bar (as a result of they appreciated his efficiency) and the chefs from the restaurant (because Cyborg’s bottomless appetite aroused their ire). In the meantime, Starfire is alone by herself, where she deeply depressed from what occurred between her and Robin earlier, quickly a little bit lady appears and tries to comfort her. Starfire arkham asylum t shirt tries to cover her harm feelings, but as the woman starts to go away, Starfire follows her and begins to clarify her issues and admits she has had emotions for Robin since the day they met. She soon begins to lose hope, believing there may be nothing more between. Nonetheless, after the lady provides an encouraging and hopeful smile, Starfire lastly realizes there has at all times been something extra particular between them, whereas additionally realizing that Robin has at all times returned her emotions, but is afraid to admit how he feels.

The Mayor of Tokyo announces Robin’s arrest and orders that the other Teen Titans should either flip themselves in or leave Tokyo directly. Starfire calls the opposite Titans and tells them about Robin’s arrest, they’re about to regroup when Brushogun sends out his minions to destroy every of the Titans. Cyborg is attacked by a large yellow robot who retains trying to eat him, Beast Boy is attacked by a pink cat girl who seems to be the cute girl he was following earlier, Raven is attacked by a ghostly determine in a graveyard and Starfire is attacked by a small blue robot boy within the sky.

Robin is transferred, when throughout the experience a slip of paper bearing the identify “Brushogun” flits into the armored automotive carrying him and explodes, freeing him. Now on the run, Robin co-opts the id of a Shinjuku, Tokyo mugger to gather info that Brushogun is the truth is real, he’s finally found by the Tokyo Troopers which leads to a car chase, Robin is surrounded entrance to back and is about to be arrested when Starfire comes to his rescue. Starfire takes Robin to a secret hideout where she explains the situation, as she is about to go away, Robin stops her and they both attempt to kiss once more when all of the sudden Beast Boy and the others barge in on them, who have come back safely.

Brushogun, as Raven relates from the e book she found, was an artist who dreamed of bringing his beloved drawings to life utilizing Japanese black magic. The spell turned towards the artist and he was transformed into a being of paper and ink – ink that he might use to carry any creation he might think about to life, thus changing into Tokyo’s first super villain – Brushogun, till he suddenly disappeared. With this new data, and avoiding the Tokyo Troopers, Robin has no trouble deducing Brushogun’s hideout: the manga comic book publishing manufacturing facility. Breaking in, the Titans discover a withered form of Brushogun, entice wired right into a cursed printing press that presses his powers to create the enemies the Titans have faced. He reveals that he had despatched the primary Saico-Tek to the Titans to lure them to Tokyo with the intention to cease the one who has enslaved him, who seems to be Daizo, who has used Brushogun’s power to create each his Tokyo Troopers and the monsters that they captured so as to gain a reputation as a hero.

A large battle ensues, culminating in Robin facing Daizo. With no choices of escape left, Daizo hurls himself from the catwalk, into the ink reservoir of the press, taking management of Brushogun’s magic and reworking himself into an enormous, hulking mass of ink and machinery, with Brushogun at the middle, and creates multiple variations of his previous creations. As the opposite Titans battle creatures Daizo hurls at them, Robin frees Brushogun. Because the previous man peacefully fades away in his arms into the after life, his powers disappear and Daizo is left defeated and uncovered.

With the battle concluded, Robin tries to explain his true and sturdy romantic emotions for Starfire, however getting the message, she silences him by telling him to “stop speaking.” The 2 romantically share their first correct kiss as the opposite three Titans look on, with Cyborg stating, “Properly, it’s about time” revealing that they all knew they have been going to get together at some point.

Later on, with Robin’s name cleared, the Titans are awarded medals of honor by the mayor for their actions of unlocking the reality, and the inhabitants of Tokyo welcome their new heroes. Robin and Starfire are seen as a romantic couple, Cyborg earns the “all-you-can-eat” totally, Beast Boy had grow to be well-liked among the ladies from the karaoke bar, and Raven been made a mascot for Japanese confections. Hawkman Robin remarks that heroes might use a vacation infrequently and Beast Boy then declares that he needs to go to Mexico subsequent year, prompting Raven to slap him in the back of his head; ending the film.