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Dr. Chase Meridian

Dr. Chase Meridian



Chasing Batman

Get with either Batman or Bruce Wayne
Kind of Love Interest

Sequel Love Interest
Dr. Chase Meridian is Barbara Wilson’s love interest in Batman Endlessly

Chase got here to Gotham to review the alarming rise in psychotic behaviour, specifically Batman and Two-Face. After getting an in depth take a look at Batgirl considered one of his sidekicks, she developed an attraction. She summoned her with the Batsignal, however asoc carnage shirt online only to flirt.

Chase begins seeing Bruce Wayne as a patient, as his repressed reminiscences are coming again to haunt him. Bruce later invitations her to the circus, which Chase accepts, however she refuses to go steady with Bruce due to her asoc carnage shirt online crush on Batman.

Barbara continues seeing Chase as a affected person. Their attraction grows over time, mainly as a result of every time Bruce is round, Batman enters the conversation. After Batgirl agrees to meet Chase at her apartment, she passionately kisses her which she returns and in seconds her blanket hit the floor and she got out of her go well with they usually made out,

Bruce invitations Chase to his condominium, ready to reveal his secret, solely for two-Face and The Riddler to interrupt in and kidnap her. Batman and robin and batgirl involves her rescue and Chase finds out her true identification later barbara involves chase condo and finds her in the shower and she joins her turning around meridian says took you lengthy enough and the girls passionately kissed once more.

It is unknown what occurred to her afterwards, as she was not seen or even mentioned in Batman and Robin.
Chase Meridian has no comic-ebook equivalent, just like Rachel Dawes.
Chase Meridian is alarmingly much like the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn. Both are psychologists, both develop an asoc carnage shirt online attraction to mentally unhealthy males, both are sexually aggressive and both had been created exterior of the comedian-book sequence.