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Luke Cage May Characteristic This Crazy Villain First

AKA Jessica Jones make her Netflix premiere yet but with Netflix’s plan to launch a new Marvel series every six months they’ll have to get the following one into manufacturing quickly in the event that they don’t want to overlook the mark. Luke Cage could also be getting closer as rumors are now swirling about a brand new villain who will be a part of the series. Phrase is, Cornell Cottonmouth will be squaring off in opposition to Luke Cage in his first season.

Heroic Hollywood is reporting the rumor that Cottonmouth will appear on the present. Cottonmouth is a minor character general and the rumor appears to say that he will be a minor villain right here as effectively. He’s being considered as “a” villain in the collection, not “the” villain. Within the comics Cottonmouth is a drug seller with super strength that rivals that of Cage. He’s additionally sharpened his teeth to points, gold teeth to be exact. At this point the one roles we all know will likely be on the present shall be Cage himself, played by Mike Colter, and Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, so it’s about time we bought some new characters.

While this isn’t confirmed, the presence of Cottonmouth early within the collection would make sense because the character is connected to the early part of Luke Cage’s life, and some obvious ties to the existing Marvel universe on tv can be made. Within the comics, Luke Cage is framed for drug dealing and sent to prison. It’s while in prison that the character features his superhuman power. The medicine came from Cottonmouth, so this may very well be a sign that they’re protecting this part of Cage’s history intact.

The medicine that were stolen within the comics happened to be heroin. We have already got a heroin seller as part of the Netflix/Marvel world in Daredevil’s Madame Gao. Could Cottonmouth be working for her It will certainly make sense. We all know that the continuity between the Netflix reveals is going to be a bit more refined, with out major character crossovers, however seeing the same logo on the packages of heroin could be proper in avengers t shirt womens 2016 keeping with that concept. Isn’t speculation fun

All of this might be thrown out the window early nonetheless, since we know that we’ll see Luke Cage before his series begins, as part of the forthcoming AKA Jessica Jones sequence. We could find yourself seeing extra avengers t shirt womens 2016 of Cage’s origin story there for all we know at this level, so even if Cottonmouth does show up in the Luke Cage series, it may end up being for fully different causes.

The fact that rumors have began, however, signifies that wheels are starting to spin on the sequence. Anticipate to listen to extra rumors, hopefully with some confirmed information thrown in, as we move ahead. It appears like the next phase of Marvel’s television universe is getting able to get to work.

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