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Do this “Atomic Construction” Crossword Puzzle

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Worksheet with descriptions and atoms to label .
“Atoms and Matter” crossword puzzle .
Use the “Dream Journey Into the Atom” poster to finish the accompanying worksheet or use this printable version of the worksheet.
“Atomic Structure” worksheet .
Have students use the batman t shirt costume 6st internet to do this “Chemistry Scavenger Hunt” .
Have students to the “Atomic Construction and Principle” Magic Square.
Do this “Atoms and Elements” crossword puzzle. The creator tells you to set your printer options to print the background. To do that, select “Instruments” in your browser, then “web options”, choose the “advanced” tab and scroll right down to “Printing” and place a test in the field, “Print background colours and images.”
Print this “Electron Configuration” chart for your bulletin board or use to make an overhead transparency.
Good PowerPoint presentation of “Electrons in Atoms” (Note: The htm version does not seem to work within the Mozilla Firefox browser.).
Have students write a childrens’ guide on a component with batman t shirt costume 6st this “Atomic Construction” WebQuest.
Do that Teacher’s Domain (you must join for free) activity, “The Unusual World of Electrons,” which incorporates three movies.
“Atomic Musical Chairs” is center schools exercise for discovering the construction of atoms.
Do this “Atomic Construction” crossword puzzle.
Within the “Molecular Structure and Geometry” train from Patrick Gormley, college students will assign geometry, molecular structure, and hybridization to five substances using the Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsiion (VSEPR) idea.
Have your students play Mrs. J’s “Electron Configuration Battleship” .
Do Mrs J’s “Patterns in Electrons” worksheet (consists of periodic desk).
The “Hog Hilton” activity is a clever way of demonstrating the way in which in which electrons fill orbitals. It was sent to the Google HSChem group by Carole Henry of Soutwest High school in San Antonio, TX.
Have college students do this “Configure Your Electrons” worksheet.