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LEGO Star Wars 2017

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Constructing the cockpit can rotate, movable legs replicate its distinct “chicken” walk, the facet and front guns are posable and the cockpit hatch opens up.

Clone Troopers Battle Pack
Item #: 7655
Affiliation: Episode III
Ages: 7655
Pieces: 58

Clone Trooper (2)
Shock Trooper

Star Corps Trooper
This set and the Droids Battle Pack would be the primary of the popular LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs. These constructing units are sometimes cheaper and embody fewer pieces than bigger units, however make it easier to “constructing your military”. They sometimes include several generic minifigures and a pair smaller vehicles, outposts or each.

The Clone Troopers Battle Pack got here with 5 minifigures, a two seat speeder and a turret. This was one among the primary units to incorporate the new blaster design x1740 and blaster rifle x1741. Along with the blasters, one of many Clone Troopers was given a pair of electrobinoculars (they are actually plastic).

Droids Battle Pack
Merchandise #: 7654
Affiliation: Episode III
Ages: 6-12
Pieces: 102
Battle Droids (4)

Super Battle Droids (3)
To complement the Clone Trooper Battle Pack, LEGO released the Droids Battle Pack at that the same time. Now builders could create a small scale battle using their LEGOs. With 7 droid minifigures, this set would include more figures than some other Battle Pack. Along with the 7 droids, a Droid Tank and STAP (Version II) may very well be assembled with the bricks. Although LEGO is understood for their modern building designs, the box reveals a STAP fighter without a transparent brick holding it upright. In the actual design, the model will fall over without this piece snapped into place underneath the droids standing platform.

Normal Grievous Starfighter
Item #: 7656
Affiliation: Episode III
Ages: 7-12
Pieces: 232

Basic Grievous
This was the first LEGO building set of the Soulless One. The persona starfighter of Normal Grievous was a closely modified Belbullab-22. It was already a fast, agile automobile with a heavy arsenal earlier than Grievous’ modifications made it even more highly effective. The mannequin had shifting gun turrets and the rear landing fin may very well be retracted. Minifigures could be placed within the cockpit by sliding the higher section forward.

Hoth Rebel Base
Item #: 7666
Affiliation: Episode V
Ages: 8-12
Pieces: 548
Luke Skywalker (Pilot)

Dack Ralter
Hoth Rebel Soldier (2)

Snowtrooper (2)
This would be the first LEGO model of Echo Base. Though Hoth would have been a extra appropriate title for this set, since the only part of the base is the batman vs superman shirt hot topic job front gates. The gates can open and shut, so you may lock Luke outsider overnight. The set additionally comes with an Imperial Probe Droid, an E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster, a laser cannon and one Rebel Snowspeeder. The Okay-3PO and flesh colored Dack Ralter minifigures made their first look in this set.

Imperial Landing Craft
Item #: 7659
Affiliation: Episodes V-VI
Ages: 8-12
Pieces: 471

TIE Pilot
Stormtrooper (2)

Sandtrooper (2)
The Imperial Landing Craft was launched under the Traditional Star Wars line, but it didn’t truly seem in the unique trilogy. It is a model of the Sentinel-Class Touchdown Craft and not the Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle. While the Lambda shuttle was utilized for troop transport, it was extra commonly used for diplomats and high ranking officials. The Sentinel was deployed by the navy for transferring troops, small autos, and supplies. To showcase its navy utility, this mannequin comes with two blasters, launching missiles and is capable of dropping bombs from two compartments underneath. The hull has opening doors on each sides, to quickly deploy the troops being carried into battle. Just like the extra generally recognized Lambda Shuttle, the aspect wings could be lowered or raised batman vs superman shirt hot topic job by utilizing a dial.

Jedi Starfighter there was a launch mechanism that detached R2-D2 from the ship and pushing him backwards fired the Naboo Starfighter’s missiles.

Republic Cruiser
Item #: 7665
Affiliation: Episode I
Ages: 9-14
Pieces: 919
Qui-Gon Jinn

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan)
Maoi Madakor

Antidar Williams
This was the primary LEGO building set primarily based on the Consular-Class Cruiser. This was one in every of the first spaceships scene by audiences in the brand new prequels, but it was quickly destroyed earlier than having fun with much display screen time. The Republic Cruiser was used to transport ambassadors, diplomats and Jedi Knights to their negotiation throughout the galaxy. The model integrated laser cannons that would prolong from a hidden place, a rotating sensor dish, opening cockpit, working landing gear, and an escape pod. The top of the mannequin comes off to reveal cargo containers and a mini space speeder. The Antidar Williams, Maoi Madakor and R2-R7 Minifigures can be launched for the first time in this set. For those who are fascinated about variant products, some of these sets by accident included the Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi (with beard) rather than the clean shaven Padawan.

Sith Infiltrator
Item #: 7663
Affiliation: Episode I
Ages: 8-12
Pieces: 310
Sith Probe Droid (3)
This remake of the Sith Infiltrator 7151 from the unique 1999 launch was an exclusive set that might solely be purchased at Woolworths located in the United Kingdom. Though a mini constructing set was released in 2004, this would only be the second time followers may buy a daily building set of the mannequin. The Scimitar was the non-public starship of Darth Maul and got here with all the issues he would have to hunt down Jedi or fleeing princesses. The set contains three probe droids to cowl a bigger area and a Sith speeder to rapidly run down his prey. Whereas a hatch opens and closes to retailer or launch the speeder and probes, the Scimitar additionally comes with folding wings, functional landing gear and flick-fireplace missiles.

TIE Crawler
Item #: 7664
Affiliation: Expanded Universe
Ages: 8-12
Pieces: 548
Shadow Stormtrooper (2)

The Century Tank was referred to because the TIE Crawler, due to its similarity in look to the famous TIE Fighter used closely through the reign of the Galactic Empire. These autos noticed use after the Empire’s fall and by the confederates throughout the Second Galactic Civil Warfare. Moreover the usual TIE cockpit this constructing set additionally got here with movable tank treads, a flick-hearth missile and two hidden laser cannons, that can be pulled out of the monitor body and rotated. The TIE Crawler Constructing Set is very collectible. It was solely accessible for a short time period and the Shadow Stormtroopers have been released for the primary time on this set. The TIE Crawler was the primary set to be completely based on the Star Wars Expanded Universe, earlier units had minifigures of characters discovered within the movies.

Trade Federation MTT
Item #: 7662
Affiliation: Episode I
Ages: 9-14
Pieces: 1,330

Pilot Battle Droid (2)
Safety Battle Droid (2)

Battle Droids (16)
Droideka (2)
At its release, this was by far the very best LEGO model of the Trade Federation MTT to hit store shelves. These behemoth transport ships had been designed to drop 112 Battle Droids into the thick of battle. With 9 opening hatches and a sliding rack, this model could carry sixteen Battle Droid Minifigures. Since it is a transport car, the droids are a major draw for this set and, up until this level, contained essentially the most Battle Droids ever launched in one set. The sixteen normal Battle Droids have been the first to implement the horizontal hand, permitting them to carry blasters. All of the minifigures were redesigned on this set. For faster motion, the set additionally contained a small speeder to transport a command satellite tv for pc, weapons or up to eight Battle Droids. Children may need been disappointed when advertisements have been saying this toy was for teenagers 8-12, however the box had the true age of 9-14. What a distinction a year makes.

Y-Wing Fighter
Item #: 7658
Affiliation: Episodes IV-VI
Ages: Eight-12
Pieces: 454
Dutch Vander

Because the workhorse of the Rebel Alliance, the Y-Wing was used as a fighter and bomber for most of the battle. What these ships lacked in maneuverability, they made up for of their ability to take a pounding. This set was made for the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie and can be the first common building set to feature a Y-Wing Fighter by itself. Although the box has a LEGO yellow skinned Dutch Vander, his minifigure was given a newly designed flesh toned head. The field also put the R4 droid’s head on backwards, so I wouldn’t use the box as a reference for this model. This Y-Wing may not have been paired with a TIE Advanced Fighter, but it surely nonetheless comes with numerous enjoyable items. The cockpit turret can rotate, bombs may be dropped from underneath, and it has flick-hearth missiles.

Final Collector’s Sequence
The ultimate Collector sequence fashions have always been larger in scale, more detailed in design and pricier than the usual building units. This year’s UCS would produce certainly one of the biggest sets bought in LEGO batman vs superman shirt hot topic job historical past, the most expensive and incorporate an electric motor.

AT-AT Motorized Walker
Item #: 10178
Affiliation: Episodes V-VI
Ages: 14+
Pieces: 1,137

AT-AT Pilot
Common Veers

Luke Skywalker
With the previous LEGO AT-AT constructing set already huge in scale, one thing special needed to be finished for the UCS. What better gimmick than to have the AT-AT walk by itself By installing a motor that runs on 6 AA batteries, this model might simulate the AT-AT’s awe inspiring walk as it heads straight towards the helpless minifigures standing in its path. Along with the motorized legs, the AT-At also had an opening cockpit and rotating laser cannon. Luke Skywalker comes with a grappling hook, so he can take it down like he did within the movie. This would be the primary set to include a General Veers minifigure. By 2009 this set grew to become so widespread that it was on backorder till 2010.

Millennium Falcon
Merchandise #: 10179
Affiliation: Episodes IV-VI
Ages: 16+
Items: 5,195

Obi-Wan Kenobi
To make an UCS of essentially the most well-known hunk of junk within the galaxy, it must be just as epic because the movie it comes from. LEGO did not disappoint. At 5,195 items, the Millennium Falcon could be the second largest LEGO Set ever released, but it surely was in a position to easily safe probably the most costly spot. (Taj Mahal #10198 is the biggest set with 5,922 pieces) Builders needed to follow a 311 web page instruction guide to assemble this set. This toy came with a rotating radar dish, swiveling quad-laser cannons on the top and bottom, an extending boarding ramp and removable cockpit canopy. Slightly than having a typical stand support this mannequin for show, the touchdown gear was used. This UCS was the first time a Star Wars automobile had been build to scale with the minifigures. The immense measurement allowed for wonderful particulars, serving to replicate the expertise and design of the film. For collectors, the first batch sold by means of LEGO’s website got here with a primary Edition Certificate of Authenticity.

Promotional units given away at particular events and randomly at shops are always a prize for collectors. This year LEGO focused on the solid of memorable characters found within the Star Wars galaxy. The promotional minifigures this year are extraordinarily uncommon and hard to seek out.

C-3PO Gold Chrome Plated
Item #: 4521221
Affiliation: Complete Saga
Ages: N/A
Items: 1

Unlike most promotional Star Wars LEGO units, the Chrome Plated C-3PO was not accessible at a convention, an individual retailer, or particular journal offer. 10,000 Gold Chrome Plated C-3PO Minifigures were randomly positioned in numerous LEGO Star Wars sets. In 2007, individuals from everywhere in the world would have the opportunity to be surprised as they opened their LEGO Constructing Sets and discovered a uncommon minifigure hidden inside. Until it was bought by a collector, who by no means opens the field. They’d by no means know what treasure is buried inside.

Star Wars Celebration IV
Merchandise #: Promosw004
Affiliation: Episode IV
Ages: N/A
Pieces: 26

Royal Guards (2)
Stormtroopers (2)
This promotional set was solely accessible at the Celebration IV from Might twenty fourth to Could 28th of 2007. This 5 day gathering on the Los Angeles Convention Middle celebrates the Star Wars Saga. Every day LEGO randomly chosen a hundred winners from a raffle. These winners may then purchase this collection of 6 minifigures on the LEGO stand for $forty nine.99. The set is solely minifigures placed in a diorama show. Only 500 of those LEGO sets had been produced and sold, making them extremely uncommon.

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