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Fifty Famous Stories Retold

The most well-known of these was Sherwood forest, where the king often went to hunt deer. In this forest there lived a band of daring males called outlaws.

They had performed one thing that was towards the legal guidelines of the land, and had been pressured to cover themselves in the woods to avoid wasting their lives. There they spent their time in roaming about among the many trees, in searching the king’s deer, and in robbing wealthy travelers that came that way.

There were nearly 100 of those outlaws, and their leader was a daring fellow known as Robin Hood. They were dressed in suits of green, and armed with bows and arrows; and sometimes they carried long wood lances and broad-swords, which they knew tips on how to handle properly. Each time they’d taken anything, it was brought and laid on the toes of Robin Hood, whom they called their king. He then divided it fairly amongst them, giving to every man his simply share.

Robin never allowed his males to harm anyone however the wealthy men who lived in nice houses and did no work. He was always variety to the poor, and [29] he often despatched help to them; and for that motive the common individuals looked upon him as their friend.

Long after he was lifeless, males appreciated to speak about his deeds. Some praised him, and a few blamed him. batman vs superman t shirt online online He was, certainly, a rude, lawless fellow; however at the moment, folks didn’t consider right and mistaken as they do now.

A fantastic many songs were made up about Robin Hood, and these songs had been sung within the cottages and huts all over the land for a whole lot of years afterward.

Right here is just a little story that’s instructed in one of those songs:—
Robin Hood was standing sooner or later beneath a green tree by the roadside. Whereas he was listening to the birds among the many leaves, he saw a younger man passing by. This younger man batman vs superman t shirt online online was dressed in a high quality go well with of vibrant purple cloth; and, as he tripped gayly alongside the street, he appeared to be as happy as the day.

“I will not trouble him,” said Robin Hood, “for I feel he is on his solution to his wedding.”
The next day Robin stood in the identical place. He had not been there lengthy when he noticed the identical younger man coming down the street. However he didn’t appear to be so completely happy this time. He had [30] left his scarlet coat at residence, and at every step he sighed and groaned.

“Ah the sad day! the sad day!” he kept saying to himself.
Then Robin Hood stepped out from underneath the tree, and stated,—

“I say, younger man! Have you ever any money to spare for my merry males and me ”
“I don’t have anything at all,” said batman vs superman t shirt online online the younger man, “but five shillings and a ring.”

“A gold ring ” asked Robin.
“Sure,” mentioned the young man, “it’s a gold ring. Here it is.”

“Ah, I see!” mentioned Robin; “it’s a marriage ceremony ring.”
“I’ve kept it these seven years,” said the younger man; “I’ve kept it to give to my bride on our wedding ceremony day. We were going to be married yesterday. However her father has promised her to a rich previous man whom she never noticed. And now my coronary heart is broken.”

“What’s your name ” asked Robin.
“My identify is Allin-a-Dale,” said the younger man.

“What will you give me, in gold or price,” stated Robin, “if I will assist you to win your bride again despite the rich old man to whom she has been promised “

[31] “I don’t have any cash,” mentioned Allin, “however I’ll promise to be your servant.”
“What number of miles is it to the place the place the maiden lives ” asked Robin.

[32] “It isn’t far,” mentioned Allin. “However she is to be married this very day, and the church is 5 miles away.”

Then Robin made haste to dress himself as a harper; and in the afternoon he stood in the door of the church.

“Who’re you ” stated the bishop, “and what are you doing right here ”
“I’m a bold harper,” mentioned Robin, “the best within the north country.”

“I am glad you have got come,” mentioned the bishop kindly. “There is no music that I like so nicely as that of the harp. Are available in, and play for us.”

“I will go in,” said Robin Hood; “however I can’t give you any music till I see the bride and bride-groom.”

Just then an previous man came in. He was dressed in wealthy clothes, however was bent with age, and was feeble and grey. By his facet walked a good young lady. Her cheeks were very pale, and her eyes have been filled with tears.

“This is not any match,” mentioned Robin. “Let the bride select for herself.”
Then he put his horn to his lips, and blew thrice. The very next minute, four and twenty males, all dressed in green, and carrying lengthy bows in their arms, came operating throughout the fields.

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