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Membership Penguin Army Wiki

Men's darkseid costume men Desgin Long Sleeve Tee ShirtIt’s at present experiencing an enlargement or main renovation. The information contained inside it shouldn’t be thought-about totally accurate till this tag has been removed.

“Combat the nice Combat!” – RPF slogan
The Rebel Penguin Federation, higher identified as the RPF, is a bunch of militant vigilante penguins primarily based in Club Penguin that has sworn to guard the island and to destroy enemy armies like UMA and The Tubas. Because the success of Membership Penguin Rewritten, the RPF has risen to grow to be the biggest and most successful army in the sport.

The Rise Of Rebel Penguin Federation (2007)
In 2007, a bitter struggle (later to be often called World Struggle III) was being fought between the 2 largest groups in Membership Penguin: the ACP and the UMA. The war had started as a result of The ACP was attempting to stop The UMA from promoting hacking Membership Penguin to achieve coins and uncommon gadgets, below the leadership of the UMA leader, Pink Mafias. A excessive rating Basic within the UMA was a penguin called Commando717. One day, Commando had a change of coronary heart, and realised that he also imagine it was improper to hack Club Penguin. Unable to combat for an army he did not imagine in, Commando launched a rebellion towards Pink Mafias, and plenty of UMA troopers joined him. On Might eight, 2007, the “Rebel Penguin Federation” was born.

The RPF efficiently occupied the server Tuxedo in the coming days. However, the newly based army was young and unstable, and several other members started turning on Commando. Another rebel group shortly split from the RPF, identified as the Tuxedo Rebel Army (TRA), led by Bobo405, who pushed the RPF out of Tuxedo. The RPF then invaded the UMA-controlled servers of Parka and Tundra. The RPF was briefly hunted by the TRA, who finally returned to Tuxedo and ultimately collapsed. The RPF then spent a number of days growing in number by recruiting civilian penguins. Eventually, The RPF was deemed large enough by Commando that an attempted invasion the server Mammoth was ordered. Although they were unsuccessful, this event made The RPF known to the ACP for the first time. Nonetheless, it also caused The RPF to be considered as a threat by the UMA. Commando soon got in contact with Oagalthorp, the chief of The ACP. After turning into buddies, The RPF entered World Conflict III as an ally of The ACP and CPAF.

On May 26, 2007, Commando led the Battle of Breeze, which ended in a decisive victory for the Allies, leaving the UMA demoralized and the server Breeze beneath Allied management. Furious and having lost the need to win the conflict, The UMA chief, Pink Mafias, resigned and stop Membership Penguin. The top UMA Generals, Angel G8r and Mpenguin123, had been left scrambling trying to save the UMA from complete collapse. Though they managed to keep the army comparatively stable, the UMA’s numbers diminished and it was closely weakened. On June 13, 2007, the ACP conquered the server Mammoth from the UMA, with the assistance of RPF soldiers.

RPF defeat the UMA in a battle.
On June 25, 2007, the Allies attacked the UMA on the Canadian server Wool Socks. This resulted in a devastating defeat for the UMA. Mpenguin123 contacted the ACP chief, Oagalthorp, and the 2 organised a peace treaty – the battle was over. Following the conflict, The RPF’s numbers grew dramatically. Many former UMA soldiers moved over to The RPF, which grew into one of the largest armies in Club Penguin.

Minor Wars (2007 – 2008)

Members of the RPF combating the GRP within the Dojo – September 29, 2007.
In September 2007, a British Military known as the Gugu Penguin Romans, or GPR, was founded. Led by a penguin known as Gugu Penguin, the GPR started personal attacks on the RPF, which included insulting American veterans of World War II (the actual one IRL), and blaming America for the world’s terrorist problems. This induced major offence across Membership Penguin, and Oaglthorp organised the creation of an enormous alliance to destroy the GPR. As effectively as the RPF, The UMA, Ice Warriors and Golds have been additionally part of the alliance. The first battle happened on September 29, 2007. The battle began with the Allies storming the Dojo on the server Mammoth. After defeating a small variety of GPR soldiers, the allies moved on to the server Deep Freeze.

They had been met by an enormous GRP army. After an intense battle – the primary time the RPF used their famous “bomb” tactic, which continues to be used at the moment – the GRP surrendered. Whilst organizing a peace treaty, Gugu Penguin refused to apologize for the insults he and his military had mentioned. Because of this, the allies attacked the GRP but once more. The GRP was decimated, and quickly collapsed.

Watex Warriors
The RPF combat the WW – November 25, 2007.

In November 2007, The RPF started a war with the Watex Warriors. Not a lot data survives about this battle. On November 25, 2007, The RPF fought the WW in an especially intense battle lasting half-hour straight. The WW had been vastly outnumbered by The RPF, who emerged from the battle victorious. The war was gained by The RPF shortly afterwards.

The Nachos
The RPF and the famous Nachos had a frosty relationship since the RPF was first based in 2007. In August 2007, the Nacho chief, Zippy500, insulted The RPF and Commando. Commando responded by calling Zippy a kid, and giving permission for RPF troopers to attack Zippy on sight. On August 25, 2007, the Nachos and RPF engaged in a short battle in which the RPF was victorious. The RPF and Nachos shortly made peace, after the battle, so it didn’t escalate right into a full battle. In September 2007, the Nachos refused to join the alliance within the battle in opposition to the GPR.

The Dark Times (2008 – 2012)
Starting in 2008, The RPF entered a “Darkish Age” which lasted several years. On April 2, 2008, Oaglthorp resigned as leader of the ACP. This left Commando saddened and disheartened – they had grown to be good buddies. After a number of weeks of silence, Commando decided to observe in Oaglthorp’s footsteps and resigned as chief of The RPF on April 18, 2007. Commando left with the next message:

“Yes, I haven’t been on in a long time. Its as a result of of assorted reasons. Plus I am not into CP any more. Yes.. I do know what your considering. I am a jerk now like all the other leaders leaving with not much of a great bye. In fact I think the identical approach, but see, CP is not a place for me anymore. Its time to retire, I cant keep this up…..From this present day forth, four/18/08, can be recognized as the day Commando717 retired…”

Commando was immediatly succeeded by Kg007, a excessive-rating member of The RPF who had been one in every of unique UMA soldiers to hitch Commando within the rebellion from the UMA in World Conflict III. Under Kg’s rule, The RPF weakened. Kg abandoned the army for weeks at a time, inflicting many soldiers to depart. Kg resigned on July 12, 2008. Two weeks later, Ziehen, chief of the Air Force branch of The RPF, grew to become leader. Over the course of the 12 months, the number of RPF members regularly declined. At the same time, the connection between The RPF and ACP additionally declined. On November thirteen, 2008, Ziehen formally declared battle on The ACP. This choice was met with sturdy disapproval from other excessive-ranking members of The RPF.

In December, Ziehen introduced that he can be resigning at the tip of the yr. He expected RPF General Dragonninja to be elected the following leader, however on December 21, Commando introduced that he was considering returning to The RPF. At 20:15 on December 31, 2008, Commando717 turned the Chief of The RPF once once more. To have fun, Commando led a massive recruitment drive on the server Tuxedo.

Rebirth of The RPF (2013 – 2014)
In Could 2013 RPF’s First Second in Command: Elmikey, rejoined the Rebel Penguin Federation. He was often called the greatest army recruiter in 2007. Elmikey retired from RPF in late 2007, disappearing completely in 2008. Though he visited RPF just a few occasions throughout the years, he by no means stayed. In May 2013 Elmikey determined to make a full return to the RPF. Within no time in any respect RPF started to rise, the military noticed sizes nobody has ever seen in years. Elmikey was forgotten in historical past and time, however not anymore. RPF went from maxing sizes of 5-10 to reaching sizes of 70-a hundred+ repeatedly. The Rebel Penguin Federation stood because the #1 Military all through Elmikey’s leadership. All the time staying in the top three, except Elmikey went on vacation, RPF would fall to the decrease high 10. Elmikey grew to become CP Army Legend & Particular person of the Yr in 6 months of leading RPF. His recruiting introduced in a new era of members for all armies. It is alleged that he has led Membership Penguin Armies out of the Dark Ages. He may be the explanation CP Armies are even alive at this time. His recruiting introduced in a complete new world of recruits, throughout this RPF Victory Era & Also RPFs creation in 2007. During his time main RPF defeated all it’s enemies, some armies never recovering. Then in February 2014, Elmikey left the RPF as a result of the military grew to become corrupted. His personal folks have been tricked into turning towards him. After Elmikey left RPF it solely noticed a short burst of success, as a result of his haters who needed him to be defeated joined for a day. The RPF quickly fell. However, issues started to turn round when Silverburg constructed an AUSIA division that maxed forty-50 on weekend events and when new leaders like Tanner were put into the army. Soon, the RPF rose and reached #1 on CPAC quite a few times. However quickly, when Silverburg and different leaders retired, RPF fell once again. That they had short bursts into the highest 10, however they definitely weren’t the military they as soon as have been. Elmikey quickly joined again and so then army rose as soon as again. The army maxed sizes of 30-forty+ members throughout that time. Now Elmikey has taken Waterkid’s aspect in main Gentle Troops, many feel this won’t be reverted, as loyalist and pals of Elm now serve LT. We’ll see what happens with RPF as this incident has just began (10/19/14).

Machymesiter’s Betrayal
In 2014 the Rebel Penguin Federation acquired a threat from a one that goes by ‘Unknown’. At the time it was seen not a giant deal, however until the man Unknown crashed someone’s membership penguin and in addition hacked into peoples accounts it turned a very huge drawback! However in the end it was discovered it was Machymeister himself who was the Menace, he was teaming up with Nachos to destroy RPF. However he was only employed by Nachos so he hasn’t been seen again.

Return to Prominence (2014 – 2017)
After clearing the risk from Machymeister, RPF black widow t shirt marvel you continued to rise, winning many occasions, including the 2015 Legends Cup the place RPF maxed a tremendous one hundred troops, in addition to Christmas Chaos 2015. Despite RPF’s success, two leaders have been plotting to take down the RPF.

In late January 2016, RPF was out of the blue hit by a defacement, as well as two leaders, xxToySoldierxx and Drake leaving the army taking alongside about half of RPF’s authentic pressure. Elmikey was in a position to point out up and banish most of the traitors, however it left RPF severely crippled for a week. RPF was compelled to quit a battle, but giving up a battle would change into helpful for the RPF, as a result of an increasing number of new troops showed up and RPF managed to achieve the final four in March Madness 2016 earlier than being eliminated. The elimination nonetheless, gave RPF a chance to get well, and RPF not solely was capable of recover, RPF was capable of safe the following tournament, the Legends Cup, in opposition to the Water Vikings.

After securing the tournament, RPF continued to rise, however with September rolling around, many individuals began to return to school. Despite this, RPF managed to take care of a steady streak of averaging 35+ troops per event, whilst excessive as 50, as Christmas approached as soon as once more. As 2017 began, RPF started its new year robust, but not for long. After RPF made several updates on their website, their events began to get bot raided, that means that the evil Purple Republic has risen and had started to try to destroy the Rebellion once and for all. RPF would not go down and not using a struggle, however, and even with the bots attempting to destroy RPF’s measurement and satisfaction, RPF’s loyalty and friendship would finally prevail.

As of the closure of Membership Penguin, RPF not makes use of the Club Penguin website and now has its events on Club Penguin Rewritten, the place it remains the most important army, among the few that survived the dying of Membership Penguin.
Club Penguin Rewritten Era (2017 – present)

The RPF moved to the most well-liked CPPS after the tip of Club Penguin, Membership Penguin Rewritten, often abbreviated to CPR. It’s present main enemies are the Tubas, which they’re at present majorly combating, with minor armies popping up and disappearing with time, such because the ShadowTroops and the Ducks. The UMA still survives, but solely as a minority and the Romans are also recognized to host occasions. The RPF have additionally allied with the Romans, currently, their solely official allies, though some could say the EPF and PSA [Elite Penguin Force and Penguin Secret Company] are also allies, and on their web site, it is sited that EPF members are to be assisted in battle.

Battle In opposition to The Tubas
In latest months, the RPF have engaged in a seemingly by no means-ending war with the infamous Tuba Military – with the only aim of crushing the Tubas and removing them from Membership Penguin Rewritten. Many Tubas claim that they’re protesting in opposition to the RPF, who supposedly “oppress” the island and only goal the Tubas as they’re the only group to talk out against the RPF. The RPF combat the Tubas via the use of ways akin to repeated chants reminiscent of “DROP YOUR TUBAS” and their motto “Combat The great Combat” and traditional Club Penguin Armies tactics. The RPF call in reinforcements if a Tuba military is sighted, normally in sightings of 10 or extra, and in addition organise occasional “Tuba-hunts.”

New Struggle
On December 8, 2017, The RPF went to war with the Darkish Knights and the Gang Gang teams.

As the Romans have also gone to battle with the Dark Knights just lately, it can be assumed that a hyperlink exists.

Rise of The RPM
Removal of Elmikey

See the post on the official RPF webpage for the full story
On December 7, 2017, Elmikey, very long time leader of the RPF, was removed from the army by different high ranking members. Accusations towards Elmikey included abuse of his place and having a “dictator-like” attitude to his place in the RPF. Elmikey’s removing despatched shockwaves throughout your complete army; some have been overjoyed, while some have been furious. Many RPF soldiers disagreed with the choice to remove Elmikey. In response, a rebel faction split from the RPF – mirroring how the RPF had break up from the UMA a decade earlier. This new group turned known as the Rebel Penguin Marines, shortened to The RPM, whose goal is to re-instate Elmikey because the chief of the RPF.

Start of the War
The RPF, RPM and Gangrene Gang battling on the iceberg.

The first RPM raids in protest towards the RPF occurred in the times following Elmikey’s removal. These have been small and did not have a lot impact. On December 12, 2017, the RPF-organised event, “Operation: Rebel Burst” occurred on the server Deep Freeze. Throughout the event, the RPF were ambushed by several members of the RPM, together with Elmikey himself. What resulted was a big battle involving several armies. The RPF was additionally attacked by several smaller teams such as the Gangrene Gang and Gout Scouts. The RPF used its traditional ways of formations, “bombs”, chants and synchronized emoticons. The RPF also a “pile” tactic, the place the RPF soldiers swamped the RPM creating a big crowd. Eventually, the RPF emerged victorious – Elmikey was briefly kicked from the server which left the RPM soldiers demoralized, causing a number of to leave. Members of The RPM, together with Elmikey himself, have declared that they were, truly, the victors. At the top of the battle, The RPF moved to the Dance Membership to rejoice their victory. The RPM have declared that this was actually The RPM retreating.

The military is effectively organized, with divisions in the air power and the navy.
RPF had three divisions: The UK, US, and Ausia divisions. However, in mid-March 2016, the UK and Ausia divisions have been abolished, and the RPF merged into a single U.S. division. However, the UK and Ausia divisions returned when RPF went to war with WV.
RPF was created on Might 8, 2007, by Commando717 and Kyle Stop.
Unlike all different armies, RPF is the one army that refuses to bot raid.
They have their very own Discord server.