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All-New, All-Totally different [Superhero Thread]: Howard The Duck Gets A new Hat!

Baroque And Roll wrote: »

Rorshach Kringle my name is kevin Registered Consumer regular
June 2015
Photo voltaic wrote: »
Gambit was great within the current X-Issue book

Nogs Crap, crap, mega crap. Registered Consumer common
June 2015
someone wants to show gambit into cajun james bond.

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Rorshach Kringle wrote: »
Solar wrote: »
Gambit was great in the recent X-Factor book

Did you learn that, Bale I believe you’ll have actually fairly preferred it!
i’m satisfied the only reason anybody even says it’s because that they had him adopt cats and that is the internet

No he was fairly good even without the cats
Okay what free hero ought to I get

I acquired Spider-Man as a result of he’s costly and Spider-Gwen will ultimately come out
I received Spider-Man because in the final BOGO sale, I got the Superior Spider-Man enhanced costume at no cost

JayKaos Registered User regular
June 2015
Nogs wrote: »
someone wants to show gambit into cajun james bond.

hes imagined to be a lady killer, hes got thevies guild/spy training background.
it just feels like an apparent thing.

he can even like have contact lenses to cowl his weird eyes after which take them off and charge them to blow a door lock or something as one in every of his go-to “gadgets”.

He had that solo sequence just lately the place he was operating around being a charming master thief … for like one situation until he obtained sucked into an alternate dimension and then the longer term and then I stopped paying consideration for a while. That half a problem is likely to be right up your alley though! This is my steam profile. SW-0844-0908-6004 and my Change code

Spider-Man it’s
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Grey Ghost Registered Person regular
June 2015 edited June 2015
When you’re taking out Maggia goons Doom will say “from now on all crime will be organized… by Doom!”
I like everyone who writes for this recreation

Gray Ghost on June 2015
Grey Ghost wrote: »
When you are taking out Maggia goons Doom will say “from now on all crime can be organized… by Doom!”
I really like everybody who writes for this recreation

Doom is worth it for the stuff he says alone.
Run into other Doom’s, and he’ll go off about how that Doombot must be scrapped for being so ugly.

Has a seemingly infinite number of insults for Reed Richards.
Respects Unusual and the Thors, so that’s properly canon.

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Gray Ghost wrote: »
Spider-Man it is

Do you’ve Ghost Rider, @Gray Ghost
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Eat it You Nasty Pig. tell homeland security ‘we’re the bomb’Registered Consumer common
June 2015

he tells rocket that he wouldn’t (I imagine this is the quote) ‘be match to root by Doom’s perfect refuse.’

to be trustworthy I wish they’d tone down doom speaking though, any time near a doom it looks like they discuss nonstop

settle for your demise, and grow to be harmful
On display!


Zonugal Registered Person regular
June 2015

Transporter wrote: »
jkylefulton wrote: »
Wait i just noticed a man with an Agent Coulson crew-up. How do I get one I do not see it on the shop.

Baroque And Roll Registered User regular
June 2015
Vivixenne wrote: »
Baroque And Roll wrote: »

There are few heavy hitters that do single target DPS like Unusual. Geared right, that dude can simply keep rotating damage.

Psylocke’s spike injury could be insane. The precise build and talent rotation can homicide the shit out of cosmic bosses.

But Sorcerer Supreme.

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2,000 omega level shield recordsdata or whatever they’re called

timspork’s ghost wrote: »
Wait i simply noticed a guy with an Agent Coulson team-up. How do I get one I don’t see it on the shop.

It is the omega occasion. You want an obscene amount of that forex
Like I am not exaggerating like three months worth

I might farm it only for Lola. Overlook Coulson.
That is super disappointing. I’d buy Coulson with actual money if provided.

What else are omega orbs good for I get them every so often.

SirEtchwarts Eyes Up, GuardianRegistered User common
June 2015

timspork’s ghost wrote: »
That is tremendous disappointing. I’d purchase Coulson with actual money if offered.

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DoctorArch Curmudgeon Registered Consumer common
June 2015 edited June 2015

Omega orbs are completely different from Omega information. Omega files are foreign money you can get during omega events that can be utilized to buy Coulson or Blue Containers from Dum Dum Dugan on the Westside of Avengers Tower.

Omega orbs change into factors for Omega leveling, which is like Diablo three’s paragon system. You can find the tab for Omega in your powers window.

DoctorArch on June 2015
September solicits dropped, nothing too notable on account of the secret Wars delay

Shit goes real dangerous for Arcadia although, it appears
This is exactly how it is carried out in the avengers alliance, and tactics model. ( but god they are f2p nonsense)

But you’re a shield agent as predominant char, get bonkers canon weapons, teammates are heroes

timspork’s ghost Librarian and Ghostbuster Registered Person regular
June 2015 edited June 2015

SirEtchwarts wrote: »
timspork’s ghost wrote: »
That’s super disappointing. I might buy Coulson with actual money if supplied.

They need to make Coulson a playable character where all of his attacks in addition to a fundamental pistol shot is looking in ever more and more highly effective different heroes.

Ooh, this might be good
I was also pondering that an Agents of SHIELD “character” may very well be good

Every tree has you want, perma-summon a personality from the present and so you’re working round with 3 or four of them at a time, all working as one character

Oooo It may very well be a bit like Rogue. You see a Pc hero you want to join you and you have Coulson go up and click on them to “Recruit” them. You then get an NPC version of that hero that appears the identical until such time as you fill up your staff or dismiss them.

timspork’s ghost on June 2015
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Zonugal wrote: »
Transporter wrote: »
jkylefulton wrote: »
This came yesterday. Now I just need to figure out learn how to put on it on my back all day every single day.

I couldn’t convey that to an office or place of labor, because I would simply recreate this scene everyday.

“Cake in the break room! ! GET OUT OF MY Method!!!”
Now I’m imagining a Winter Soldier workplace comedy.

Cap: “Cake !”
*Runs by way of the hall, utilizing his shield to bounce off the partitions.*
*Runs by Falcon*
Cap: “On your left!”
a gaggle of chitchating coworkers block the door to the breakroom
Cap: *Throws shield at Bucky, who catches it and masses it up with cake and throws it back*

*new man arrives with a bunch of takeout bags*
Natasha: “Sure, lunchtime”
New Guy: “Sorry, that is Captain’s orders”

*2 minutes before convention name*
Cap: “Earlier than we get started, does anybody need to get out ”
Cap: “Sir, the individuals down in financing are complaining about the development noise”
Pierce: “I took a seat on the board not as a result of I wanted to, however as a result of Nick asked me to, as a result of we had been each realists. We knew, that despite all diplomacy and the handshaking and the rhetoric, to construct a greater world sometimes means having captain america t shirt uk ladies golf to tear the outdated one down. And that makes enemies.”

Nick: “Rodgers, the board needs to get a head begin on this project, so we wish you to come in on the weekend”
Cap: “I assumed the punishment normally came after the crime”

Every individual that got here by way of the workplace right now gave it a spin.

Each time someone says a foul word, simply point at the shield.

AtomicTofu She’s a straight-up supervillain, yo captain america t shirt uk ladies golf Registered Consumer common
June 2015
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timspork’s ghost Librarian and Ghostbuster Registered Consumer common
June 2015
jkylefulton wrote: »
Every particular person that came through the office immediately gave it a spin.

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timspork’s ghost wrote: »
jkylefulton wrote: »
Each particular person that came via the office today gave it a spin.

May I ask where it was obtained
Ebay. It is the model. _trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D31192%26meid%3D3fc9fe812f084201b8b9b02e764960dd%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D10%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D231580667627

Blankzilla KOOKABUNGA LIVES Registered Consumer common
June 2015 edited June 2015
Possible Civil Struggle spoilers Whereas he hasn’t been advised by Marvel, RDJ has informed Mark Ruffalo that Bruce Banner shall be showing in Civil War.

Blankzilla on June 2015
Steaaaaaaam All Along The Watchtower: A DCAU Podcast. NEW EPISODE – EPISODE 42 – Instruments of the Trade (Superman: The Animated Sequence S01E12) – August 9th

I am completely Okay with Cap 3 being Avengers 2.5 featuring Chris Evans.

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