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Rumor: Warner Bros. Mulling A Batman Beyond Reside-Action Movie

Warner carol the walking dead shirt off Bros.which had previously had a live-action Batman Beyond movie in development earlier than going carol the walking dead shirt off with Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot, is now mentioned to be kicking around resurrecting their characteristic film adaptation of the animated Television series.

(In case you one way or the other forgot, the animated series saw an aging Bruce Wayne practice his successor, 17-12 months-old excessive-faculty scholar Terry McGinnis, to protect Gotham carol the walking dead shirt off City in the twenty first century.)

Batman-on-Movie claims that such a movie is again “on the table” and that it would have nothing to do with the Nolan Batman universe, which is now performed for good.

What would a Batman Beyond film imply for what if any plans Warner Bros. may need for a bigger DC universe on the large screen As BoF suggests, the “‘in his prime’ Bruce Wayne Batman might probably be in a team-up film, whereas the aged and retired Bruce Wayne Batman could be the model of the identical character in the Past solo movies. Assume ‘non-linear’ — same Batman, totally different time durations.”

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