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How Is BLACK ADAM In Injustice 2

Does black Adam have any losing match ups
Men's Print Chibi Captain America Short Sleeve Tops TeesI don’t see him having something below four-6,if at that. And who beats him,I have no clue

Flying characters like Batman and Supergirl.
Sonicfox was forced to change in the Gods tournament from Black Adam to Deadshot because of Superman.

What is Superman doing to shut down Adam precisely
Leaping around, outzoning, and punishing divekick. Black Adam doesn’t have good anti air options and his projectiles cannot hit the characters in the air for probably the most part.

Superman does increased injury than Adam, has better pressure than Adam, has aerial zoning that shuts down a lot of grounded deadpool pop vinyl shirt 2017 zoning as well as counter zoners like Adam and Ivy, has divebomb/air sprint mix-ups, and so forth. Yet where is all the Superman is high tier and/or OP whining There is none as a result of Superman is okay, identical to Black Adam is okay.

How can a character who’s zoning does not anti-air and has no mix-ups in his strain be as godlike as everyone seems to be making him out to be He is just a superb deadpool pop vinyl shirt 2017 scrub killer, good at punishing reckless play with excessive harm. In case you play anybody who is aware of how to block and play secure then there’s not a lot Adam can do.Tekken 7: Dragunov, Eliza, Alisa, Kuma