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Howard The Duck #5-7Marvel Treasury Version #12

The brand new characters within the Treasury story are parodies of others that Gerber wasn’t impressed with. Sitting Bullseye=Thunderbird, The Spanker=The Punisher, Matilda The Hun=Pink Sonja, Dr. Angst=uh…Dr. Unusual’s occasional stiffness Black Gap=

Posted by: Mark Drummond | July 11, 2011 6:51 AM
Rev. June Moon Yuc is a parody of Sun Yung Moon and his Moonies, who also obtained targeted on Saturday Night Dwell as “Night time of the Dwelling Moonies”.

Challenge #6 is a parody of the then-outdated hat Gothic Romance genre, the title referencing DC books like “Secrets and techniques of Sinister House” and “Darkish Mansion of Forbidden Love”. DC was actually massive on scary architecture.

Another reference to “Five Characters Searching for a Plot”.
Posted by: Mark Drummond | August 21, 2011 11:Sixteen PM

FOOM#15 called Sitting Bullseye the “Human Bullseye”.
Posted by: Mark Drummond | March 31, 2013 5:58 PM

Relating to the Treasury Edition villains, I’ve not learn the difficulty, but Black Gap is likely to be a parody of Ulysses Bloodstone, who deadpool shirt 3x frames had a gem embedded in his chest, and Dr Angst of Modred the Mystic.

Posted by: Luke Blanchard | August 9, 2014 5:06 AM
Wow – I learn this as a kid so the subtext of the villains being commentaries on other characters completely went over my head.

And Dr. Angst lays it on Actually thick, too:
“All of us share a common fault! None of us has ever had an original thought in his or her life! That is why — Despite our prodigious skills — no one’s ever heard of any of us! We’re too DERIVATIVE — too stereotypical — even to make a reputation for ourselves as tremendous-villains!”

I agree with Luke that Dr. Angst might be a commentary on Modred, however I feel the Black Gap is presupposed to be Nova. The star on the face, the “cosmic phenomenon” line, and the fact that the Black Hole is apparently a teenager just like Rich Rider. The origin he recounts is fairly similar to Nova’s as properly. The powers are totally totally different, of course.

Posted by: Dan H. | December 8, 2014 eight:28 PM
Building on my remark above:

I realized after I wrote that “the powers are totally completely different” that they’re really simply opposites.

A Nova propels matter away. A Black Gap attracts it in. It is more sophisticated than that in how their powers manifest, however not a lot.

Posted by: Dan H. | January 31, 2015 4:32 PM
Dan, that is a greater guess than mine, as I think “the Black Hole sucks” is intended as metacommentary, and it’s easier to imagine deadpool shirt 3x frames Gerber feeling that strongly about Nova. The “derivative” and “bland” slams also don’t really match Bloodstone.

Star-Lord could possibly be one other possibility – he also had a star design on his helmet – but I am unable to say he is a better one than Nova. I like your level concerning the match between the Nova and Black Gap names.

Sitting Bullseye may be a parody of Pink Wolf. When the treasury appeared Thunderbird had been lifeless for a year, and he’d solely appeared briefly. Pink Wolf had held his own title,(1) and had just lately appeared in a number of of the Tigra problems with MARVEL CHILLERS.

Alternatively, Sitting Bullseye might be a parody of American Eagle. On fnord’s page on MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE ANNUAL #6 Mark wrote that American Eagle was originally going to seem in 1976, and parts of the difficulty have been Black_Canary ready then. Gerber might have known about him. The 2 characters carried similar weapons; Sitting Bullseye a bow and arrows, American Eagle a crossbow and arrows. Pink Wolf didn’t carry arrows, however he did use Native American weapons.

(1) This initially featured an Previous West model, and the modern day version in the ultimate issues had a different secret ID to the AVENGERS version. However they all appeared a lot the same.

Posted by: Luke Blanchard | March 21, 2015 1:24 PM
The characters Gerber parodied could have been ones he noticed as notably derivative. The Punisher was modelled after Don Pendleton’s the Executioner. Gerber might have thought Modred too much like Doctor Unusual. The characters we have instructed as the model for Sitting Bullseye may all be thought of cliched, and there had been many archers and Native American heroes in comics. However I am unsure Red Sonja suits this pattern. On the time Marvel had two different sword-wielding heroines, Sif and Valkyrie. However that they had never had their very own options. I suppose it might be argued Purple Sonja’s feature was a variation on Conan’s, however it isn’t like Marvel had just one superhero. He bikini look was similar to Shanna the She-Satan’s, but Tille the Hun doesn’t parody that aspect.

Posted deadpool shirt 3x frames by: Luke Blanchard | March 21, 2015 1:43 PM
The Black Hole in all probability is predicated on Nova; I simply didn’t consider him. I discover that character really forgettable for some purpose…

I am convinced Sitting Bullseye is based on Thunderbird. They’re each nearly identical from the neck up, plus the bullseye on S.B.’s chest is a reference to the(no longer in use in any media) “Lifeless Indian” trope–which Thunderbird was certainly responsible of.

Tillie the Hun says at one point that she’ll marry the first man to defeat her, which to me is a lifeless giveaway that she’s a Red Sonja parody. I’m unsure if Sonja was thought of derivative by anybody, but the whole celibate-till-defeated-by-a-man aspect was criticized by loads of fans and critics, particularly female ones.

Posted by: Mark Drummond | March 21, 2015 2:00 PM
Come to think about, the names of the characters might have come first, and should have originated as Gerber’s snarky nicknames for the characters parodied. As a nickname ‘Tillie the Hun’ would be a slam on Red Sonja’s truculence, which can also be mocked by Tillie’s dialogue within the splash panel.

That Gerber nicknamed characters like that is my speculation, but if this guess is correct it strongly helps your case, as Thunderbird is the character the nickname Sitting Bullseye may fit.(1)

“Dr. Angst” as a nickname for Modred would mean “similar to Dr. Unusual, solely with extra angst”. I’ve not read the Modred tales so I am unable to say if this suits him. But given the period I am guessing it does.

I compared Purple Sonja to Sif and Valkyrie. The DEFENDERS version of Valkyrie reportedly debuted every week after Pink Sonja.

Gerber purchased the villains from the treasury again throughout his run on SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK.
(1) As a result of he was arguably not powerful sufficient to be an X-Man, and was so quickly marked for demise. Brian Cronin quotes an account of Dave Cockrum’s about how the decision to kill him happened at book-city-legends-revealed-20/2/ .

Posted by: Luke Blanchard | March 22, 2015 12:12 AM
The story title has to be a nod to the Twilight Zone episode “Five Characters seeking an Exit.”

Posted by: Ben Herman | March 19, 2016 10:Forty two AM
There was additionally an absurdist play within the 1920’s, Six Characters in the hunt for an Author.

Posted by: Andrew | March 19, 2016 2:20 PM
The Twilight Zone episode title combines the Pirandello play title Andrew talked about above with Satre’s No Exit- that is two authors I could see Steve reading. His affinity for Existentialism was documented in a couple of excellent interviews. The combined title mirrored elements of each performs in the TZ plot- I’ll have to present that a watch!
I think the comments ferret out the origins of those absurd characters, however along with that point, Steve gave them comedic twists- much like the later Enterprise Brothers. The connection between the characters and writer satirized here echoes Pirandello’s play, which is a superb read. His Enrico IV is even better.
Who says this isn’t the Age of SuperMonkey Literary references

Posted by: Cecil | March 21, 2016 7:36 PM
@Cecil – Thanks for the information.

There may be so much about Steve Gerber’s writing that I did not choose up on when I used to be youthful. It is interesting that his humor was such a mixture of the crass and the sophisticated. Obviously his work is not everyone’s style, but over time I’ve grown to appreciate him.