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List Of Hawkeye Characters

An inventory of characters to appear within the solo appearances of the Marvel Comics superhero Hawkeye.
1 Supporting characters 1.1 Allies
1.2 Family
1.Three Love interests

Supporting characters[edit]
Bangs – Weapons and explosives specialist of the W.C.A.[1]
Dominic Fortune – A soldier of fortune with a connection to Mockingbird’s previous.[2][3]
London – Researcher and developer of the W.C.A.[2]
Rover – A Bio-Com (Biological Combat Unit created by the key Empire) rescued by Hawkeye.[4]
Twitchy – Senior intelligence analyst of the W.C.A.[2][5][6]
Grills – A man who lives in Hawkeye’s building and owns a rooftop grill on which he barbecues for his friends. He is aware of Barton is an Avenger, but insistently thinks his identify is “Hawkguy”.
Fortunate (aka Pizza-Canine) – Hawkeye’s dog, which he adopts in the first problem of his present ongoing series by Matt Fraction. The dog’s tag identified it by the title “Arrow”, but Hawkeye chose to rename it “Lucky”. Lucky will get a problem of the comic dedicated to his perspective, in which it’s revealed that he thinks of himself by the title of “Pizza-Canine”.

Avengers – Earth’s mightiest heroes. Hawkeye’s pals and teammates.[7][eight][9]
Kate Bishop – Member of the Young Avengers and Clint’s successor throughout his loss of life. Kate appears alongside Clint Barton in the new Hawkeye collection.
Mockingbird – Former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Hawkeye’s ex-wife, former lover and frequent companion.[10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][2][three]
Black Widow – Former Russian spy. Hawkeye’s former occasional associate.[3][19][20][21]
Deadpool – Mercenary and antihero. Has fought with and against Hawkeye relying on the situation, however has recently turn into a doctor who cat t shirt yarn detailed good friend.[22]
Jorge Latham – Former worker of Cross Technological Enterprises and trusted pal of Hawkeye.[23]
Steve Rogers – Tremendous-Soldier and Avenger. Hawkeye’s good friend and mentor.[1][24][25][26][27]
Sandman – Supervillain. Befriended Hawkeye throughout his try and reform.[28][29][30]
Jim Scully – Former superpowered adventurer and hired enforcer.[31]
Silver Sable – Symkarian mercenary and chief of the Wild Pack.[32]

Barney Barton – Hawkeye’s brother and former undercover FBI agent. Later became a costumed supervillain known as Trickshot.[33][34][35][27][31]
Edith Barton – Hawkeye’s mother. Deceased.[9]
Harold doctor who cat t shirt yarn Barton – Hawkeye’s father. Deceased.[9]
Ben Morse – Mockingbird’s brother and Hawkeye’s former brother-in-legislation.[36]
Susan Morse – Mockingbird’s mother and Hawkeye’s former mom-in-law.[37]

Love pursuits[edit]
Sheila Danning – Head of Public Relations at Cross Technological Enterprises. Betrayed Hawkeye to Crossfire.[23]
Eden – A tattooed lady and a member of the Keibler Circus, temporary encounter.[38]
Barbara “Bobbi” Morse – Mockingbird, ex-spouse.
Natasha Romanoff – Black Widow.
Darlene Penelope “Penny” Wright – a girl he briefly encountered in Fraction’s Hawkeye sequence.
Moonstone (Karla Sofen) – fellow Thunderbolt

Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders – A touring carnival the place a young Hawkeye first met the Swordsman and Trick Shot.[9][35][39][forty][41][forty two]
Cross Technological Enterprises – A technological analysis and improvement company the place Hawkeye labored as chief of security.[Forty three][forty four][forty five]
Keibler Circus – Formerly recognized as the Tiboldt Circus.[38]
World Counter-terrorism Company – An anti-terrorist group based by Mockingbird.[2][three][18]

A.I.M. – Superior Concept Mechanics. International terrorist group.[18][20]
Albino – A scientist specialising in mutagenics. Capable of replicate superhuman skills by technological means.[8]
Baron Zemo – The son of an elite Nazi scientist. Gifted intellect and grasp strategist. Skilled in numerous forms of fight.[9]
Batroc’s Brigade – A team of mercenaries led by Batroc the Leaper.[Eight][forty six]
Blind Justice – A vigilante known to use lethal drive.[12]
Bobcat – An acrobatic criminal and leader of the Claws.[Forty seven][48]
Bullet Biker – A former member of Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders and stunt motorcyclist turned criminal.[49][50]
Claws – A group of acrobatic criminals. They’re dressed exactly like their leader Bobcat as a tactic to confuse their enemies.[51]
Crossfire – A former CIA agent turned subversive supervillain and arms supplier.[2][52][fifty three][fifty four][55][56] The closest villain Hawkeye has to an archenemy.
Darkish Ocean Society – A Japanese secret society of samurai warriors.[Three]
Loss of life-Throws – A group of juggling supervillains typically hired by Crossfire.[Eight][50][53][57]
Dying T.H.R.O.W.S. – Techno Hybird Remotely Operated Weapons Methods. Crossfire’s robotic military formerly known as Magnum Z’s.[2]
Firefox – A cyborg assassin for the Russian authorities.[38]
Javelynn – A supervillain hired by the key Empire. Expert javelin thrower and athlete.[Fifty eight]
Kazi The Clown – An assassin employed by the Tracksuit Bros to kill Barton and his buddies at the condo.
Lotus Newmark – Criminal mastermind and skilled martial artist.[17]
Orb – A deformed motorcycling supervillain.[Fifty nine]
Phantom Rider – Jaime Slade. Ancestor of the original Phantom Rider. Inherited gunslinger skills and ghostly appearance.[60]
Phantom Rider – X-Men Lincoln Slade. Brother of the unique Phantom Rider, now a vengeful spirit.[60][61]
Monica Rappaccini – Supreme Scientist of A.I.M.[5]
Secret Empire – A subversive group.[4]
Silencer – An assassin employed by Crossfire. Able to nullify sound.[62]
Alexei Shostakov – Former KGB agent and Red Guardian. Later turned the brand new Ronin.[Three]
Stone Perfs – A avenue gang employed by Lotus Newmark.[Sixty three]
Swordsman – Knowledgeable swordsman and athlete. Hawkeye’s former mentor.[9][34][35][sixty four][sixty five][sixty six]
Taskmaster – Mercenary for rent and henchmen instructor. Has the ability to replicate bodily movement utilizing “photographic reflexes”.[8][67]
Terminizer – A vigilante with a murderous vendetta in opposition to the Stone Perfs. Revealed to be a pre-teen boy.[68]
Tracksuit Bros – Dubbed the Tracksuit Draculas, this is the gang in Fraction’s Hawkeye sequence who Barton frequently runs into. They are liable for the dying of Grills.
Trick Shot – Buck Chisholm. Highly skilled archer. Hawkeye’s former mentor.[Four][9][50][sixty nine][70][71]
Trickshot – Barney Barton. Highly skilled archer. Hawkeye’s brother.[Seventy two]
Viper – A master of espionage.