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Who Ought to Play The Incredible Four In A MCU Remake

I believe that a very good shout to play Reed Richards can be Jon Hamm, who’s a very proficient actor and would actually look the part.

He’s in his mid-40s in the mean time however when you think about Downey Jnr is in his early 50s then that actually isn’t a lot of an issue. As I say he’s shown how talented an actor he’s so wouldn’t have any problem conveying an intelligent character corresponding to Reed Richards.

For Susan Storm I would have recommended Rachel McAdams because with her age she’d be a believable age for an inbetween with Johnny Storm and Reed Richards doctor who tuxedo t-shirt design however, unfortunately for this answer, she’s been solid in Physician Unusual already. I’d have said Emily Blunt as a second choice but I’d a lot quite see her as Carol Danvers as a result of she’d kill in that role so I reckon this lady would make a good Sue Storm…

Sienna Miller. She’s a very proficient actress and, alongside Jon Hamm as Reed, would make a very good on display couple. She’s been in earlier comic-motion films with G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra so could do with a better comics film to make people forget that truth.

For the Thing I used to be going to say I wouldn’t thoughts saying Jason Statham taking part in him as I quite get pleasure from his films however, though I’m certain he might do a good job, he doesn’t really look the part. I reckon that a good choice for Ben Grimm, however, can be Joaquin Phoenix. I do know Marvel have shown an curiosity in him when he was being strongly tipped for the position of Doctor Strange in order that they obviously have him on their radar and from this…

Men's Carnage Render Desgin Long Sleeve T-Shirt…then he’s obviously got the look to convincingly painting a pre-Thing Ben Grimm. Taking his face and modifying it with CGI (as they’d no doubt have the Thing portrayed with) would make for an impressive Factor visually.

As for Johnny Storm then I’m going to ignore you particularly asking for someone aged around 15-20 as a result of, personally, I don’t feel that they have to be the same age to show the friendship from the comics they’re identified for. Personally, I’d go for this guy…

Alex Pettyfer. He’s mid-20s so he’s not one million miles away from Tom Holland’s age and he’s proven he’d easily have the ability to portray Johnny Storm as a brash, arrogant young man. (I deliberately refrained from utilizing “hot head” there, btw) He’s additionally obtained the appears to be like to portray him as a bit of a ladies man as effectively.

So yeah, I reckon these four, with their ages and acting talents, would be able to carry a superb Incredible Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, with Marvel dealing with them, that we’d finally get a good FF movie.

Just to add to it, if they wished an actor for Victor von Doom, who’d doubtless appear/cameo in other MCU films, then there’s somebody who’s each played royalty AND worn a mask in a earlier function who’d be completely excellent for the role…

Leonardo DiCaprio, of course. Stormtrooper Marvel would 100% use a Dr Doom that sticks close to his comics roots and never make him a CEO of his personal firm nor an angst-ridden fellow scientist and, having launched Dr Strange, being in a position to use a Dr Doom who might go toe to toe with both Iron Man with his know-how and Unusual along with his sorcery can be excellent. And if you want someone who could painting an arrogant but multi-layered character you doctor who tuxedo t-shirt design then won’t discover anyone who could do the job more perfectly than DiCaprio, that’s for sure.