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Border Patrol: Marvel Netflix Daredevil Edition

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Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil (battle-damaged) and Nobu (the Hand) by moomoo1366: This pair of figures are being bought separately however would make an ideal 2-pack. I’ve seen fairly just dr strange costume shirt au a few black-suited Daredevil customs, but this is the first with battle-damage. Fitting, because it’s Nobu from the Hand who messed him up. Daredevil ends Wednesday, Might 27 at 12:23PM PST. Nobu ends Wednesday, May 27 Luke_Skywalker at 12:16PM PST.
Marvel Universe Netflix Daredevil dr strange costume shirt au by mac-delo: As a result of, why should Legends fans have all of the fun This is among the cleanest three.Seventy five-inch DD customs I’ve seen. Ends Friday, Might 29 at 7:31PM PST.