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Jeff Goldblum Was Nearly In ‘Captain America

In Thor: Ragnarok, Jeff Goldblum plays the Grandmaster, the ruler finch t shirts of the planet Sakaar who spends his free time watching warriors battle to the death in his grand coliseum – which eventually leads to a battle between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). Not that there was going to be any finch t shirts doubt about it, however in Thor Ragnarok, Goldblum goes full Goldblum and it is a delight.

Fashion 100% Cotton Design Marvel Silver Surfer Children's T-shirtBut if issues had turned out the best way Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had hoped just a few years ago, Goldblum wouldn’t be on this current scene-stealing role – and Feige is very completely satisfied things didn’t work out again then. You see, as Feige tells us, he wished Goldblum to be in Captain America: The primary Avenger.

The query got here up because I had requested Feige (and we nonetheless have much more with the Marvel Studios head) if there was nonetheless an actor who he nonetheless desperately needed to be in one in every of his Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. A white whale, if you’ll. Marvel has now had actors as storied as Cate Blanchett, Jeff Bridges, and Robert Redford. However who else has he tried to land and hasn’t pulled it off but

“Well, if you’d requested me that a yr in the past, I would have had a very specific reply,” says Feige. “And now it occurred and he’s on this film and it’s Jeff Goldblum.”

Feige continues with what might have been, “And we had come shut. Women’s Cotton Star Wars Rey Short Sleeve Tee Shirt I mean, I’ll inform you, I believe we spoke to him or supplied him a role in Captain America: The primary Avenger. I feel the function of the senator that was part of that USO tour in the first Captain America film. And he either wasn’t available or wasn’t involved or whatever. And thank finch t shirts goodness, because that might have simply been a small thing and as an alternative we acquired to look forward to the Grandmaster, which is about as amazing as a Jeff Goldblum ‘Goldblum-iness’ could be.”

So it seems like Goldblum was approached for the role of Senator Brandt in Captain America: The first Avenger (except I’m forgetting another senator in that movie), who was portrayed by Michael Brandon. And Feige is right, that’s a reasonably small role and would have most likely been a waste of Jeff Goldblum’s unique persona that we see in full impact throughout Thor: Ragnarok.