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Atom And His Package

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Hello. My identify is Atom, and i used to spend most of my free time making songs on sort of a mixture synthesizer/multi-observe recording factor referred to as a sequencer. I comprehend it sounds a bit of “walk barefoot in the snow uphill both methods back in the day” to say that after i did this, the music sequencer required TWO whole palms to hold round, rather than the higher tools one can now carry in her or his telephone with one silly lazy hand that probably doesn’t even admire this 50% reduction of hand-necessocity. I (poorly) named this mission Atom and His Package. Green_Arrow By some means, I managed to launch a number of information and to travel to locations I wouldn’t have anticipated to play. I stopped when it grew to become way more gratifying to listen to and to search out other people’s higher music than strive to put in writing my own. Now, I’m a double-dad science trainer. This is a pretty good sell, up to now, right Effectively, I’m going play a bunch of songs in Gainesville flash polo shirt 2017 Florida in October of 2017. Wanna go