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Spider-Man (1981 Television Collection)

David H. DePatie
Lee Gunther
Spider-Man is an American animated Tv sequence primarily based on the Marvel Comics character of the identical identify.[1]

1 Overview 1.1 Manufacturing background
1.2 Synopsis
1.Three Character designs
1.4 In relation to Spider-Man and His Wonderful Buddies

Manufacturing background[edit]

The sequence was created to launch Marvel Productions, successor of DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, who had previously produced the 1978 New Unbelievable 4 and 1979 Spider-Woman animated sequence (where Spider-Man made two appearances).

The collection featured Peter Parker having to stability his alter ego crimefighting along with his responsibilities as a college student, a component-time photographer for the Day by day Bugle and caring for his elderly Aunt Might Parker. The sequence was not as standard with fans as Spider-Man and His Superb Pals, one other animated series that aired on NBC round the identical time, but Spider-Man nonetheless provided viewers with plenty of comedian e book villains, together with Chameleon, Physician Doom, Physician Octopus, The Kingpin, The Lizard, Sandman, Silvermane, Vulture, Mysterio, Magneto, Pink Skull, Kraven the Hunter, Wizard, Sub-Mariner, Black Cat, Medusa, and the Green Goblin. One different main difference was an total arc, where Dr. Doom makes an attempt to conquer Earth, while a bunch of rebels attempt to free Latveria from his rule with the help of Spider-Man.

Character designs[edit]
The character design for Peter Parker (in addition to other supporting characters together with Aunt Could and J. Jonah Jameson) was additionally quite faithful to the comedian books of the period and hearkened back to the illustrations by John Romita Sr. of the younger hero in Spider-Man’s newspaper strip adventures from the 1970s. Attributable to network constraints and demands from mother and father, characters corresponding to Spider-Man weren’t allowed to make a fist to strike an opponent, however the show’s creators managed to conceal these points with a concentrate on action and relatively fluid animation.

Much like the Spider-Man newspaper strip of the late 1970s, Peter Parker’s character design did away with the 1960s crew reduce for a extra modern hairstyle throughout this time, which the character continued to be portrayed with via the 1980s and early nineties.

Likewise; Parker abandoned the conservative suit and tie of the 1960s comics and previous animated sequence in favor of darkish blue straight-legged linen pants; Paired with a hip turquoise/mild blue jacket over a yellow turtleneck (though he infrequently wore a button down shirt within the collection and put on a tie for the President’s arrival at the brand new York Metropolis airport in “Dr. Doom, Master of the World”). Stan Lee once remarked that John Romita Sr. typically drew Parker with a turtleneck as an alternative of a collared shirt since he felt it might better cover his Spider-Man costume, which was all the time worn underneath his avenue clothes.

Peter’s mask was linked to his costume on the back of the neck, nearly like a hood, which he would pull over his head when he modified into Spider-Man.

In relation to Spider-Man and His Wonderful Pals[edit]
Spider-Man and His Amazing Mates was originally believed to be one thing of a sequel to this solo Spider-Man animated series, although this has since been disputed since each series have been originally first aired at the same time on September 12, 1981. The two collection are linked in the latter’s third-season episode “Origin of the Spider-Associates.” Though not as properly often called Spider-Man and His Wonderful Associates, it does remain faithful to the character’s origin. The animation fashion of both incarnations and incidental music soundtrack are utterly similar, though the voice actors are different.

One seeming inconsistency is Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin). In this collection, he’s portrayed similarly within the comics: carrying a costume and having a split character. Yoda In Spider-Man and His Amazing Mates he seems to be portrayed as having a severe medical situation as a result of flash t shirt costume a lab accident, and bodily reworking into the Goblin. However, at the end of Triumph of the Green Goblin, he is shown falling, along with his disguise in shreds (after colliding with electric wires), and tells Spider-Man he’ll go back to the clinic he left to be cured, which could be interpreted as both having a remedy for his Goblin transformation or therapy for his break up personality.

In the episode “The Prison Plot” of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, there flash t shirt costume is a flashback sequence that depicts a scene from this series’ “When Magneto Speaks…Individuals Listen”, which hints the 2 reveals are, in actual fact, linked.

Reruns and DVD launch[edit]
All 26 episodes have been released on DVD in the UK by Clear Vision, over four DVD volumes. To avoid confusion with other Spider-Man DVD titles, Clear Imaginative and prescient launched the show on DVD underneath the name Spider-Man 5000.

As was the case with Amazing Pals, the collection was later re-aired in the late 1980s as part of the 90-minute Marvel Motion Universe, a syndicated series that was used as a platform for previous and new Marvel-produced animated fare (the newer programming featured RoboCop: The Animated Series, Dino-Riders and now and again, X-Males: Pryde of the X-Men, which was intended to function a pilot for a potential X-Males animated series).

The rights to all Marvel reveals have been owned by Disney, earlier than Marvel acquired them in 2008. At the moment there are no plans for a DVD launch in the US or elsewhere.

In Canada, Morningstar Leisure released the episode “The Vulture Has Landed” on DVD in the set entitled Spider-Man Vs. The Vulture. The set also contains “The Vulture’s Prey” and “The Dark Terrors”, each from the 1967 Spider-Man Tv collection. Morningstar additionally released “Canon of Doom” (on the Unbelievable Four VS. Physician Doom set, included within the Villains Showdown Reward Set that also consists of “Spider-Man Vs. The Vulture”), although the episode is the Bonus episode on the disc. “Arsenic And Aunt Could” was additionally released within the Heroes field set. All the Morningstar DVDs had been mastered from VHS/Betamax copies that have been launched by Prism Video in 1985 as part of their Marvel Video Library series.

The collection became accessible for immediate streaming through Netflix during the summer time of 2011. Nonetheless, streaming rights had been lost efficient August 31 2013.[2]

The episodes that includes Doctor Doom had an ongoing storyline about rebels in Latveria trying to topple Doom. All through these episodes Doom is ready to trick people, particularly Jameson, into thinking that he’s a sort ruler and worldwide humanitarian.

Jack Angel – Dr. Donald Blake, Man Mountain Marko, Moe (in “Triangle of Evil”)
Lee Bailey – Robbie Robertson
William Boyett – Hammerhead
Wally Burr – Dr. Lee
Corey Burton – Lizard
Philip L. Clarke – Sidewinder/Wild Willie Wilson (in “The Sidewinder Strikes”)
Regis Cordic – Ringmaster
Henry Corden – Akim (in “The Doom Report”)
Brad Crandall – Professor Gizmo
Peter Cullen – Purple Skull, Stuntman/Jack Riven (in “Triangle of Evil”)
Brian Cummings – Empire State University Principal (in “The Pied Piper of recent York Town”), Basic (in “The Pied Piper of new York City”)
Jeff David – Nephilia/Dr. Bradley Shaw
Lynn Johnson – Colleen (in “Arsenic and Aunt May”)
Morgan Lofting – Black Cat
Mona Marshall – Betty Brant
Jack DeLeon – Kraven the Hunter
George DiCenzo – Captain America, Wizard
Walker Edmiston – Magneto
Ron Feinberg – Cat Burglar (in “Arsenic and Aunt May”)
Brian Fuld – Johann, Younger Reed Richards (in “Cannon of Doom”), Young Victor Von Doom (in “Cannon of Doom”)
Linda Gary – Aunt Might
Ralph James – Physician Doom
Buster Jones – Performing Teacher
Stan Jones – Physician Octopus, Kingpin
Les Lampson – Shlocker (in “Triangle of Evil”), Larry (in “Triangle of Evil”)
John H. Mayer – Chameleon, Police Sergeant (in “Arsenic and Aunt Might”)
Don Messick – Vulture, Hank Edwards (in “The Vulture Has Landed”)
Arlin Miller – Ka-Zar
Vic Perrin – Sub-Mariner, Caesar Cicero
Tony Pope – Boris
Richard Ramos – Gadgeteer/Joshua (in “The Unimaginable Shrinking Spider-Man”)
Gene Ross – Goron
Neil Ross – Green Goblin/Norman Osborn, Michael (in “Countdown to Doom”)
Michael Rye – Mysterio
Marilyn Schreffler – Sally Ann Beaumont (in “The Sandman is Coming”)
Ted Schwartz – Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Gary Seger – Johnny Griffon (in “Curiosity Killed the Spider-Man”), Past Belief Host (in “Triangle of Evil”)
Michael Sheehan – Mortimer
John Stephenson – Dr. Norton (in “The Unimaginable Shrinking Spider-Man”)
Andre Stojka – Sandman, Professor Higgins
B.J. Ward – Namorita, Medusa
Paul Winchell – Silvermane, Uncle Ben
William Woodson – J. Jonah Jameson, Professor Donaldson (in “The Vulture Has Landed”), Dr. Everett (in “Wrath of the Sub-Mariner”)

Note: Neil Ross and Linda Gary would reprise their roles for the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon. Ross returned to play both Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin, while Gary reprised her function as Aunt May.

Walter S. Burr – Voice Director

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