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Justice League (2017 Animated Present)

In fall of 2014 DC Leisure aired a one and a half hour long pilot arc to their foot clan shirt new Justice League animated tv series. The total series started in January Men’s green lantern superhero images Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts 2015. The series largely features adaptions of new 52 storylines and options a line-up similar to the brand new fifty two Justice League crew(s).

Season 1 Important Cast:
Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent – Alan Tudyk
Batman/Bruce Wayne – Jason O’Mara
Surprise Lady/Diana Prince – Michelle Monaghan
Green Lantern/Hal Jordan – Nathan Fillion
The Flash/Barry Allen – Michael Rosenbaum
Cyborg/Victor Stone – Shemar Moore
Black Canary/Dinah Lance – Gray Delisle Griffin

Season 1 Visitor-Stars (Heroes):
Aquaman/Arthur Curry – Scott Rummell
Mera – Gray Delisle Griffin
Shazam/Billy Batson – Sean Astin/Zach Callison
Booster Gold/Michael Jon Carter – Tom Evertt Scott
Amanda Waller –
Steve Trevor –
Energy Woman/Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr –
Martian Manhunter/J’onn J’onzz –
Green Arrow/Oliver Queen –
The Atom/Ray Palmer –
Supergirl/Kara Zor-El – Nicole Sullivan
Vixen/Mari McCabe – Cree Summer season
Fire/Beatriz Bonilla da Costa – Cree Summer
Ice/Tora Olafsdotter – Jennifer Hale
Blue Beetle/Ted Kord –
Jaime Reyes –

Darkseid and his army of Para-Demons assault Earth. This story arc sees the League’s formation along with Cyborg’s origin, as well as introducing Darkseid who’s a recurring villain within the show for seasons to come.

Chronos kidnaps Batman and takes him into the timestream, forcing Superman and Hal foot clan shirt Jordan to crew up with self-centered hero Booster Gold to foot clan shirt get him again.

Aquaman and his spouse, Mera, recruit the Justice League to assist them fight of Black Manta and Ocean Master’s assaults on Atlantis and the ‘surface world’ in an effort to take the Throne of Atlantis.

When Black Adam decides to trash Shazam’s hometown of Philadelphia, he goes to the Justice League for help in stopping the menace.

With all these new heroes popping up, the United Nations decides that they want a League that they will control. They assign Steve Trevor to make this group of relative new heroes work. However what do they come across on their first outing that will rock the DC Universe to its core

On the heels of the JLI’s discovery final episode, an enormous monster tears a path throughout the nation taking down the Justice League and their allies.

In season one’s finale, the League mourns but decides it is time to broaden the roster within the wake of Superman’s loss of life. That includes: The Justice League International, Superman’s funeral, and a shocking revelation that can without end change the staff.

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