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A Fact That Eludes Me

You realize, just about as long as I’ve been studying comics, it seems like individuals have been telling me that Aquaman is a lame character.
And i simply don’t see it.

The core idea behind Aquaman makes perfect sense to me. He’s a dude who hangs around under water and occasionally comes up on land to beat the crap out of individuals. That’s definitely no stupider a concept than “motorcyclist with his head on fire” or “libertarian teenager with an insect allergy.”

It seems to me that the issues which have developed with Aquaman have come alongside when folks decide that the core concept isn’t interesting enough. “Aquaman is too cheerful. Let’s reduce off his hand and give him a homeless guy beard and haircut and angst him up a bit” or “Aquaman is an excessive amount of a conventional super-hero. Let’s give him a magic hand and connect him hot topic superboy shirt essay clumsily to the Arthurian mythos” or “Let’s flip Aquaman into a half-squid wizard and put his soul right into a teenage zombie. Superman That’ll simplify his continuity for a new audience.”

Presumably an excellent approach to a brand new Aquaman sequence could be one similar to that taken on the new Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon, the place Aquaman is quite deliberately an over-the-prime “comic-booky” hero. Good natured, everybody’s pal, not the brightest bulb in the bunch, and, oh yeah, he hits individuals loads.

So, explain it to me: what’s it about Aquaman that’s so allegedly lame
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