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Each Being Is taken into account For Ranking

Fashion Cotton Printed On Flying Iron Man Children's T-shirtThis thread is devoted to rating of all identified TOR era characters within the context of incredible hulk t shirts for babies power/strength factor.

Timeline of TOR period: 25,100 BBY – one thousand BBY

1. Input from each member is welcome and appreciated.
2. I do not subscribe to the logic that majority is authority. This is not an election course of where most votes get to decide the result. I would like Merit over consensus, period.

3. Every being is considered for ranking.
Four. Official revelations (information) is valued. Official info offers a sense of route and accuracy in portrayal of the bottom realities of the lore over pure “fan based hypothesis.”

5. Newest official revelations will take precedence over older revelations.
6. Power of a character is not a reputation driven phenomenon; a widely known character (by feats and accessible info) can be less robust then a poorly identified character.

7. In case of playable characters; gentle side alignment is being thought-about for characters serving the Republic and darkish aspect alignment is being considered for characters serving the Empire.

Sith Order
Official Sith ranking hierarchy:

– Sith Emperor
– Sith Lord (Particular place)
– Sith Lord (Darkish Council Member)
– Sith Lord
– Sith Apprentice
– Sith Acolyte

Notice: Within the Sith Order, official rankings have some benefit. Sith Lords are usually stronger then apprentices. And the strongest Sith is likely to outlive and rule over a Sith Empire.

01. Emperor Vitiate

The Sith Emperor has mastered the darkish side’s power to grow to be the most dominating Power-consumer the galaxy has ever seen.

From (Star Wars: The Outdated Republic: Codex Entry titled “The Emperor’s Fallen Jedi (Knight).”)
The Sith Emperor is the most highly effective Drive-consumer who has ever existed. Unless this implacable enemy may be defeated, the Jedi Order is doomed.

The Sith Emperor, history’s most powerful darkish side grasp, carried out a ritual of unimaginable scope to devour the life energy of each being on his homeworld.

From (Star Wars: The Previous Republic: Encyclopedia)
Over 300 years ago, incredible hulk t shirts for babies the good Jedi heroes Revan and Malak stumbled upon long-hidden Sith Empire’s capital of Dromund Kaas, and its ruler – a mysterious, nearly godlike avatar of the darkish side.

From (Star Wars: The Old incredible hulk t shirts for babies Republic Encyclopedia)
Scourge anticipated them to look him, or at the least instruct him to turn over his weapons. However Yarri and the others simply stood at consideration, ready for him to enter. The fact that they showed no concern over letting an armed Sith Lord communicate to the Emperor face-to-face without any kind of preparation was a testament to the Emperor’s unfathomable power.

From (Star Wars: The Previous Republic: Revan)

Jedi Order
Official Jedi rating hierarchy:

– Grand Jedi Master
– Jedi Grasp (Jedi High Council Member)
– Jedi Master
– Jedi Knight
– Jedi Padawan
– Jedi Initiate

Observe: Within the Jedi Order, strength of a personality would not necessarily relies upon upon his rank throughout the Order. A Jedi Knight will be much stronger then a Jedi Grasp.

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Deities & Monstrosities

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Character energy analysis criteria:-
Quote: Originally Posted by S_W_LeGenD
1. Accolades
2. Performance against enemies (victories; losses; victories with assist)
three. Particular feats (if known)