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Lightsabers, Ewoks And The Force, High Star Wars Predictions For The Force Awakens

Some of the anticipated films of the year is about to premiere on Friday and as you may guess the world is excited about it. The amount of secrecy in regards to the film has everyone guessing what’s going to happen. Will Darth Vader return Will Luke Skywalker have a serious part within the movie Will Ewoks actually be performed by shih tzus Will Yoda make an look We couldn’t help however collect a few of our favorite predictions for what we think would possibly occur on display screen this weekend. What do you think will occur when The Force Awakens

Yoda might be mentioned not less than once in the brand new #StarWars movie. #TheForceAwakens: about-at-least-as soon as-in-the-new-starwars-movie-theforceawakens-omwr

Carey Elder
Poe Dameron will give Finn Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber early on Star Wars: TFA. This can start a chase for the weapon, and Finn’s journey to grow to be a Jedi.:

Brent Burns could have a brief cameo in Star Wars: The Power Awakens the place he will probably be seen among his individuals…wookies. #sjSharks #nhl:

Harrison Ford will say the traditional #StarWars line “I’ve a nasty feeling about this” in #TheForceAwakens:

Mitchell McKenna
None of the next will likely be talked about or proven in Star Wars TFA; Jar Jar, Midichlorians, joker nurse shirt Trade Disputes, Ewoks, Jango Fett, or how Anakin hates sand @starwars:

Darth Plaguis will joker nurse shirt play some part in the plot of Stars Wars the drive awakens:

Much to the dismay joker nurse shirt of audience members, Ewoks is not going to play a big function in the plot of #TheForceAwakens #StarWars: lot-to-the-dismay-of-viewers-members-ewoks-will-not-play-a-massive-position-in-kbjg

Darth Vader and/or the Emperor will probably be discovered as alive in #starwars #theforceawakens:

Felix T.
In Star Wars TFA, Luke Skywalker will have lower than 5 minutes of screentime #starwars: less-than-5-minutes-of-screentime-starwars-nbaz

All important characters will finish #TheForceAwakens with both of their hands hooked up. X-Men #StarWars:

Logan Bailey
And it is no shock the construct up has been paramount, a whole lot of people are predicting Star Wars to be one in every of the biggest motion pictures ever. Might the drive be with you in offered out theaters this weekend.