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Alex Mercer VS Venom And Carnage

Carnage alone could beat Mercer. Let me explain why.
Carnage is barely stronger and faster, Mercer isn’t too behind although, plus Carnage has faced a wide range of opponents that were more highly effective than Mercer, not to mention higher regeneration, Mercer needs biomass to regenerate, whereas Carnage’s can self krang t shirt regenerate, it took the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Venom to fight him and even then krang t shirt he was kicking their asses at the identical time, and final however not least, since symbolites are immune to all earthly diseases and the very fact the blacklight virus is from earth, Carnage would prove to be immune to it and Mercer wouldn’t be able to consume the symbolite or Carnage for that Men’s Cotton Hulk on Avengers Short Sleeve Tops Tees matter too. There’s also krang t shirt the truth that Carnage is far more unpredictable.