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DC Universe: Justice League Limitless Fan Collection

DC Universe: Justice League Limitless Fan Assortment is an action determine line primarily based on the highly popular Justice League and Justice League Limitless animated series. Although it was based mostly on the kids’ show(s), the road has continued well beyond it, and has been re-branded in 2008, as a Goal exclusive (within the US).

Men's Amzing Spider Man Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt1 History 1.1 Justice League/Justice League Mission Vision
1.2 Justice League Unlimited
1.Three DC Superheroes
1.4 DC Universe Fan Assortment

3.1 Justice League 3.1.1 Sequence 1 – 2003
3.1.2 Collection 2 – 2003
three.1.3 Collection 3 (“Attack Armor”) – 2003
3.1.4 2-Pack Action Figures – 2003
3.1.5 Deluxe Action Figures – 2003
3.1.6 Automobiles – 2003
3.1.7 Sequence four (“Mega Armor”) – 2004
three.1.Eight Playsets – 2004
three.1.9 Series 5 (“Mission Imaginative and prescient”) – 2004
3.1.10 Series 6 (“Mission Imaginative and prescient”) – 2004
three.1.Eleven Series 6 (“Mission Imaginative and prescient”) Deluxe Motion Figures – 2004
three.1.12 Collection 6 (“Mission Imaginative and prescient”) Vehicles – 2004
three.1.Thirteen Series 7 (“Morph Gear”) – 2005
3.1.14 Sequence eight (“Cyber Trakkers”) – 2005
3.1.15 Series 9 (“Silver Storm”) – 2005
3.1.Sixteen Exclusives – 2005
3.1.17 Four Packs – 2005

3.2.1 Collection 1 – 2005 Singles
three.2.1.2 three-Packs
three.2.2.1 Singles three-Packs Singles
three.2.Three.2 three-Packs Singles 3-Packs Singles Singles

3.3.1 Collection 1 – 2006 (Orange Bundle) Singles
three.Three.1.2 three-Packs
three.Three.2.1 Singles three-Packs

three.3.Three.1 Singles
3.3.Three.2 3-Packs
three.3.4.1 Singles
three.3.4.2 3-Packs

3.Three.5.1 Singles three-Packs
three.3.6.1 Singles
three.Three.6.2 three-Packs

three.Three.7.1 Singles 3-Packs Singles
three.3.8.2 three-Packs Singles
three.3.9.2 three-Packs
3.Three.10.1 Singles
three.Three.10.2 3-Packs

3.4.1 San Diego Comedian Con 2008 Exclusive – July 2008
3.4.2 Wave One – August 2008 3.Four.2.1 Six-Packs
three.4.2.2 Three-Packs
3.4.2.Three Singles

three.4.Three.1 Six-Packs
3.Four.3.2 Three-Packs
three.Four.3.Three Singles Three-Packs
three.Four.4.2 Singles

three.Four.6.1 Three-Packs
three.4.6.2 Singles
three.Four.7.1 Six-Packs
3.Four.7.2 Three-Packs

The line itself has gone by way of many identify modifications.
Justice League/Justice League Mission Imaginative and prescient

The thought for the figures began as DC Direct sculpts by sculptor, Karen Palinko, which were later handed over to Mattel. They were then released underneath the Justice League line. All of them sported almost the same look as the unique sculpts. Later on newer sculpts had been made for all of the heroes (besides Hawkgirl) so as to add articulation and accommodate massive accessories. Aquaman was later added, making the overall variety of heroes eight. Three villains had been also produced, Lex Luthor, the Extremely-Humanite and Darkseid.

As the show moved onto newer territory, so did the figures. The essential idea was to sell smaller packaged collectible single figures (with repaints) after which a sort of quick-builder’s 3-pack featuring three unique characters with one or two of the unique seven members included. The one figures were packed in with an accessory and a collectible card. The number of villains in the line had been nonetheless few nevertheless, as only Sinestro, Amazo, Bizarro, and Brainiac had been released. Justice League Limitless, launched in blue cards, as it’s, lasted for 2 sequence (as Sequence 1 and a pair of). The rarest figure in the line is that of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. One hundred copies of the determine have been made and then the molds have been destroyed. The figures had been packaged on a special green and crimson card and autographed by Bruce Timm. The figures had been given as a Christmas present in 2005 to workers of the animation studio who worked on the show. Mattel has definitively acknowledged, in multiple published experiences, that there can be no Hal Jordan figures made out there to most people.

DC Superheroes
Re-branding the 2003 Batman toy line and creating a new Superman line in DC Superheroes, Mattel determined to take Justice League Unlimited into the brand new brand as well, effectively creating three sub-brands inside one umbrella model. The brand new packaging mirrored both Batman and mexican superman shirt size chart Superman in design. The collectible playing cards in singles had been removed and variants of figures that are not accurate to the show were dropped. This line basically provided unique Batman, Superman and Flash for new collectors in original suits with varied accessories and certain themed three-packs such as three collectible Justice Lords packs, two Green Lantern Corps packs and a Martian Manhunter 3-pack with faithful character representations. The number of villains additionally began to extend to include characters akin to Joker, Lex Luthor, Star Sapphire, Deadshot, Volcana, Mirror Grasp, and Copperhead; nonetheless, most of the villain figures (most notably Deadshot, Star Sapphire, and Volcana) suffered shoddy distribution by Mattel, making them among the many rarest of the mass-marketed figures.

The yellow carded figures also lasted for two collection, before DC Superheroes traces revamped their packaging into new purple playing cards with DC Comics inspired stars and dashes visible on the packaging. However the sixth sequence marked the return to non show-accurate repaints in single determine packs. The sixth collection additionally marked the growth of the Justice League Unlimited line barely past its previous limits inside the present, by introducing a extra comic-accurate repaint of Bizarro, a Black Canary in fishnet stockings, and a Joker figure with a removable Purple Hood mask accessory.

DC Universe Fan Collection
With the rebranding of DC Superheroes into DC Universe, the JLU line followed go well with starting with collection 7. The way forward for the road was finally announced around the 2008 International Toy Truthful in New York Metropolis. After most brick and mortar retail shops abandoned JLU, Mattel and Target partnered up to bring the line out as an in-store unique. Exterior the US, it would still be bought in varied retailers. The line continues with their comic-inspired repaints (resembling Black-go well with Superman, Traditional Batman and Elongated Man), paint corrections (Red Tornado, Dr Destiny and Zatanna), a continuation of Batman villains (from The new Batman Adventures, akin to Bane, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn etc) and brings to the table new lead characters (such as the Question and Captain Atom) and extra background characters (from the Justice League and the key Society). Full-fledged non-show characters similar to Firestorm and Plastic Man have been previewed in sketches and should seem quickly.

The line, in its numerous incarnations, has explored a number of kinds of packaging – single, 2-packs, three-packs, 4-packs (as Justice League Toys “R” Us exclusives), 6-packs (as Goal exclusives), and 7-pack (featuring the original members as Toys “R” Us exclusives both in the 3″ and 4.5″ scales.)

Once it was integrated into the DC Superheroes line, JLU sported redesigned orange packing, and followed suit when its ‘sister’ brand was redesigned with purple packaging in 2006. Now that it’s part of the DC Universe rebrand, the packaging will probably be a form of the DC Universe Classics packaging (including character bios) with animated touches placed on it.

Four-packs might be available on the Mattel Collector site. These are not actual four-packs per se, however singles that are bundled in 4.

Figures – 4.5″
The line features three sets of collectible figures, the most popular and voluminous being the four.5″ figures which now has over 70 unique characters, not including repaints. The opposite two strains are the 3″ die-forged line and the 10″ rotocast line.

Series 1 – 2003
The Flash
Green Lantern

Series 2 – 2003
Batman (Black Variant)
Martian Manhunter
Superman (Dark Uniform)
Marvel Girl

Collection 3 (“Assault Armor”) – 2003
Attack Armor Batman
Attack Armor Green Lantern
Attack Armor Martian Manhunter
Attack Armor Superman

2-Pack Action Figures – 2003
Night Flight Batman & Superman
Superman vs. Assault Armor Lex Luthor

Deluxe Motion Figures – 2003
Crime Bust Batman
Energy Escape Superman
Superman Twin Talon – Launched in Latin America Only
Twin Turbo The Flash – Launched in Latin America Solely

Autos – 2003

Series 4 (“Mega Armor”) – 2004
Mega Armor Batman
Mega Armor Flash
Mega Armor Superman

Playsets – 2004
– The Watch Tower

Sequence 5 (“Mission Imaginative and prescient”) – 2004
Darkseid (Gray Face)
Darkseid (White Face)
The Flash
Green Lantern
Surprise Girl

Collection 6 (“Mission Vision”) – 2004
The Flash

Collection 6 (“Mission Imaginative and prescient”) Deluxe Motion Figures – 2004
Aqua Sled Batman
Solar Cannon Superman

Collection 6 (“Mission Vision”) Vehicles – 2004
Inexperienced Latern Cycle
Javelin-7 With Flash
Javelin-7 With Superman

Sequence 7 (“Morph Gear”) – 2005
The Flash
Inexperienced Lantern
Ultra Humanite

Series 8 (“Cyber Trakkers”) – 2005
The Flash
Inexperienced Lantern
Martian Manhunter

Series 9 (“Silver Storm”) – 2005

Nascar – Batman
Nascar – The Flash
Nascar – Inexperienced Lantern
Nascar – Martian Manhunter
Nascar – Superman
Nascar – Marvel Girl

Four Packs – 2005
Journey To Atlantis – Superman with Scuba Gear, Inexperienced Lantern with Scuba Gear, Flash with Scuba Gear, Aquaman
The Rise Of Apokolips – Superman, Green Lantern, Marvel mexican superman shirt size chart Woman, Darkseid

Collection 1 – 2005
The Flash
Inexperienced Lantern
Martian Manhunter
Marvel Lady

Batman, Elongated Man, Hawkgirl
Brainiac, Martian Manhunter, Superman
Dr. Destiny, The Flash, Inexperienced Arrow

Sequence 2 – 2005
The Atom
The Flash

Amazo, Starman, Superman
Aquaman, Batman, Surprise Woman
The Flash, Inexperienced Lantern, Red Tornado

Collection 3 – 2005
Dr. Destiny
Inexperienced Arrow

Atom Smasher, The Flash, Green Lantern
Booster Gold, Martian Manhunter, Superman
Dove, Hawk, Marvel Girl

Collection four – 2005
Anti-Amazo Flash
Anti-Amazo Superman

– Aztek, Sinestro, Superman
Batman, Metamorpho, Wildcat
The Flash, Hawkgirl, Waverider

Collection 5 – 2005

– Aquaman
Booster Gold
Cyber Defenders: Superman
Purple Twister

Sequence 6 – 2005

– Atom Smasher
Planet Patrol: Martian Manhunter
Planet Patrol: Marvel Lady

Target Exclusives – 2005

Batman, Bizarro, Marvel Lady
Black Canary, Green Arrow, Superman
Brainiac, Superman, Marvel Girl
Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Orion

Exclusives – 2005
– Hal Jordan: Inexperienced Lantern

Automobiles – 2005
Green Arrow Cycle

DC Superheroes: Justice League Unlimited
Collection 1 – 2006 (Orange Bundle)

– Aztek
The Flash

Copperhead, Lex Luthor, Mirror Grasp
Inexperienced Lantern, Kilowog, Tomar Re
Justice Lord Batman, Justice Lord Superman, Justice Lord Marvel Woman

Collection 2 – 2006 (Orange Package)
Surprise Woman

Aquaman, Dr. Light, Superman
J’onn Jonnz, Martian Manhunter, Martian Manhunter (Clear)
Dr. Fate, Hawkgirl, Vixen

Collection 3 – 2006 (Orange Bundle)
Rocket Crimson

Arkkis Chummuck, Katma Tui, Kyle Rayner
Batman, Shining Knight, Zatanna
Justice Lord Batman, Justice Lord Hawkgirl, Justice Lord Superman
Justice Lord The Flash, Justice Lord Inexperienced Lantern, Justice Lord Martian Manhunter

Sequence four – 2006 (Orange Package)
Elongated Man
The Flash

– The Atom, Batman, Huntress
– The Demon Etrigan, Superman, Marvel Girl
Sequence 5 – 2007 (Purple Package)

– Batman
Dr. Gentle
The Shade

Amazo, Lightray, Nemesis
The Atom, Batman, Huntress
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

Series 6 – 2007 (Purple Bundle)
Green Lantern
Lex Luthor
Shining Knight
Marvel Lady

Aquaman, Dr. Light, Superman
Aquaman, Parasite, Stargirl
The Demon Etrigan, Superman, Marvel Lady
Inexperienced Arrow, Hawk, Volcana

Collection 7 – 2007 (Purple Package)
Blue Devil

Large Barda, Deadshot, Martian Manhunter
Brainiac, Obsidian, Vigilante
Sand, Star Sapphire, Superman

Series 8 – 2007 (Purple Package deal)

– Elongated Man
The Flash
Kyle Rayner
Surprise Lady


– Batman, Black Canary, The Joker
Alt. Flash, Hawkman, Rocket Pink

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