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Robbi Rodriguez Would possibly Retire From Comics Following Gwenom Arc

I’m wondering how they may approach Venom in Men’s a ant man Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Spider-Gwen’s actuality. I mean, we mostly know the classic method to strategy Venom, exterior of the unique Secret Wars:
+ Alien creature or experiment from Spidey’s blood.
+ Needs a host and discover a perfect one in Spider-Man, giving him a black suit.
+ Time cross, one thing is really incorrect and the hero discovers the truth of its suit.
+ The hero painfully managed to removes it and thinks it has been destroyed.
+ But the parasite survives, founds a brand new host in a character who despise the hero and bond.
+ The result: monster evil doppelganger of the hero, with black swimsuit and the same powers. Plus some extras like not triggering the next star wars t shirt yarn spider-sense.

Now, the big question is, who would turn out to be Venom after Gwen do away with the symbiote. As far as I see, I can only see two candidates:
+ Mary Jane Watson, considering the issues around these two because of Gwen’s secret life. I personally would not like this to happen.
+ Felicia Hardy, contemplating she wanted to kill Matt Murdock for her father’s murder, however Spider-Gwen stopped her. That would add a cause for the vendetta and give her the facility to haver her original next star wars t shirt yarn revenge.