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Gear, Stats, Moves, Talents & Pores and skin Costumes

These Moves are combo button sequences unique to this character’s talent set. Women’s Print Teen plus size batgirl shirt with cape youtube Titans Go Christmas Short Sleeve T Shirts These will often provide Mobility, Burst Harm, Air Juggle and Crowd Management Effects.

Cyborg Skills and Powers
Injustice 2 Cyborg Gear Build
Head and Cape Gear
Technomorph Visor
Auxillary Helmet

Guantlets Gear
Technomorph Deflectors
Auxilliary Arms
Durable S.T.A.R Labs 6G Arms

Torso Gear
Technomorph Core
Auxilliary Chest

Greaves Gear
Technomorph Leg Plates
Auxilliary Legs
Strong Titanium Tungsten Alloy Legs
Lethal Mx9 4.2 Super Quick Legs

Accessories Gear
Technomorph Ordnance
Auxillary Blaster

The best Gear Stats To build on this Character. Head/Cape, Torso, Gauntlets, Greaves and Accessory Gear.