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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3

It begins out with Nick Fury briefing Thor , Spider-Man , Wolverine default crew. He tells them that Norman Osborn has formed a brand new, smaller Masters of Evil, which consists of Scorpion, Carnage, Abomination, Madame Masque, M.O.D.O.K.Titania, Absorbing Man, and Whirlwind. Nick tells them Osborn has kidnapped both Captain America and Iron Man. He sends them off to the abandoned Oscorp facility, which is the place the Masters of Evil are. The team is greeted by Madame Masque on the entrance however they easily take her down.

Once inside they must defeat a number of Oscorp robots they usually ultimately get to the Genetics lab, where M.O.D.O.K. and Whirlwind are trying to make one thing for Osborn. After defeating them, the team discovers that Norman has misplaced his powers and so they have been trying to replicate the Goblin components.

They enterprise on into the factory and within the zoo, where the failed experiments go, Abomination units free all of the mutant animals, Scorpion among them. After he’s defeated Abomination comes down to combat them but they defeat him as well. They wander throughout the manufacturing unit and overcome several obstacles, attributable to Oscorp know-how. They ultimately come across Absorbing Man and Titania attempting to make use of Oscorp tech to make themselves stronger, bu t they’re defeated.

After discovering Carnage and beating him, he leads them to Osborn, however he betrays them and battles them once more. He’s defeated a second time and they knock him into Osborn’s laboratory, where he’s holding Cap and Iron Man in cages. Osborn takes a dose of un-perfected Goblin formulation and mutates into a hulk-like creature. He battles the heroes however he is in the end beaten.

Before they will set Cap and Iron Man free, Loki arrives and puts all four of them below a spell and they teleport away. Cap and Iron Man disappear from their cages.

Second MissionEdit
Loki and the group arrives on Asgard. He informs them that red shirt vs stormtrooper they are now under his control and they are going to help him free Physician Doom’s soul from Odin and then escape. The workforce mindlessly agrees to assist Loki.

The 5 of them trek via the dark parts of Asgard, combating many foul creatures. Once they attain the dungeons they are attacked by Hermod, the God of Velocity. As soon as he is defeated they enter. Several souls cry out for assist, however Loki ignores them. They attain Physician Doom, however the Warriors Three is there to cease them. They are defeated and Loki frees Doom’s soul.

He frees the heroes from his spell and sends them back to Earth, while he and Doom remain on Asgard.

Third MissionEdit
Nick briefs them on what Loki made them do. He says they haven’t got time to worry about him now. Magneto has kidnapped Rogue and red shirt vs stormtrooper the X-Men have been ambushed by his forces. The crew is then despatched to Genosha to combat Magneto and free Rogue.

As soon as they arrive they sneak across the Island and get into Magneto’s castle. They’re attacked by Mystique and Toad, who are defeated. As they are travelling by way of the hallway Avalanche and Pyro corner them. They’re defeated and so they get into Magneto’s throne room.

He reveals he is dying and he plans for Rogue to absorb his complete consciousness into her body. They defeat Magneto, however earlier than he is completely brought down, Loki appears and blocks off the heroes. He presents Magneto a spot on the new Masters of Evil and he accepts.