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Nightwing Anticipation And The Potential Future DLC Of Arkham

Oh Nightwing, you illusive bastard…
…all of the work long day I was excited to get residence and spend some high quality time with you. Getting residence I scowered the PSN solely to search out disappointment as I used to be unable to search out you :/ such is life. I’m based mostly in the UK so i’m undecided when to anticipate Nightwing to pop on the PSN. Having had copious quantities of time to think about the game as a complete it acquired me pondering on the potential future DLC for Arkham City.

Clearly a preferred selection can be to have story pushed content – maybe a small story mode for Nightwing where he battles one of many member’s of the rogue gallery of Gotham City. I believe this would be a good idea, as it will provide one thing other then the primary capade crusader himself – now do not get me incorrect. I like Batman as much as the next fan. It’d just offer a contemporary perception to have a story primarily based round say Nightwing or Robin. And after i say a story I do not imply like what we received with Catwoman. Certain the catwoman levels have been fun sufficient…they did not exactly set my world on fireplace by any means, but they provided a change of tempo and a new character to play with.

But i would prefer to think that if we had been to obtain a brand new story aspect via DLC, that it would be a a lot meatier story which doesn’t just really feel like problem rooms with cutscenes.

Another idea (Which could have to be reserved for a future title – if one will get made) would be to offer multiplayer story. Think robin jeans t shirt about if you’ll a Batman / Robin or Batman / Nightwing crew up that will see both robin jeans t shirt pair be part of forces and take to the streets of Gotham. Predator mode with two folks would provide some fascinating scenarios. One man hiding within the shadows, the other cordinating distractions. Both scaring the hell out of thugs all over the map. Perhaps even two entry factors with inter-connecting places that might then branch off once more. I certainly like the sound of such a chance and i am certain i’m not the only one…and yes of course you might always have a Robin / Nightwing crew up if that takes your fancy.

Another ideas for potential DLC that you’d like to see in the future. What ideas rock your bat boats