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[Marvel] Seriously, Simply How Did Squirrel Lady Beat Thanos

I say she is either blessed or an agent of the One Above All.
Men's shazam dc shirt uk Desgin defenders clubh Short Sleeve Tee ShirtThe One Above All (not the Celestial) is the supreme god of the multiverse. Known because the Source in DC, it’s creator of all things that exist including however not restricted to Dwelling Tribunal, Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, and Loss of life.

By all accounts, Squirrel Lady can’t realistically defeat someone as highly effective as Thanos except she was bestowed energy unimaginable energy or could bend reality. She will be able to do neither inherently so the following attainable clarification is a few type of artifact like a Cosmic Cube. But she’s by no means shown and even implied to posses anything of the kind.

At this point the subsequent logical step is being blessed or aided by a robust being similar to Galactus, a Celestial, or one of many cosmic entities. None of those being would care, better but support, Squirrel Lady in any means, shape or kind, so then you have to move up another step.

The one issues left are Dwelling Tribunal, and One Above All. The previous is immediately disqualified as its sole goal is shazam dc shirt uk to take care of steadiness in the multiverse. Aiding Squirrel Woman against Thanos would convey solely imbalance because, effectively, there are different more powerful beings who can challenge and defeat him. So the one factor left is One Above All.

Proof to support this declare is usually from the actual fact it has appeared personally to a couple other Marvel Heroes. Including Benjamin Grimm, and Peter Parker.

Now why would One Above All help Squirrel Girl As a result of why the hell not It can do no matter It damn properly pleases, to the purpose where consequences only exist if It declares they exist. Squirrel Girl may have been a random choose or particularly created by It to be an agent for no purpose in any respect.