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Testing Of Transformers

Testing of transformers
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Transformer cannot be examined by connecting it directly to the load. This is because of two causes. The primary is giant amount of power has to wasted during such a check and the other is for big transformers it is unimaginable to arrange massive masses enough for direct loading. Therefore simple assessments she ra princess of power t shirt referred to as non loading tests are carried out on the transformer to find out the equal circuit parameters. From the equivalent circuit parameters the characteristics of a transformer might be computed. These checks eat little or no power which is solely needed to fulfill the losses occurring within the transformer thus making the testing process more economical.

Two non loading assessments conducted on transformers are the Open Circuit Test and Short circuit test. From these exams the necessary electrical parameters are measured, which corresponds to the appropriate equal circuit from which the characteristics of the transformer might be decided. Other than these two exams one other test to determine the temperature rise within the transformer known as Sumner’s take a look at or back to again can also be conducted.

Checks done on transformers
Therefore the she ra princess of power t shirt checks carried out on a transformer are
1. Open circuit (OCC) take a look at

2. Quick circuit (SCC) check
three. Sumner’s or Back to back take a look at

Circuit diagram for Open circuit take a look at
Equal circuit
1. Open circuit (OCC) check.
Open circuit test is performed on the transformer for the next functions

I. To find out the shunt parameters in the equal circuit
II. To determine core loss

III. To determine the magnetizing present (Im)
During this take a look at, the rated voltage is supplied to one of the winding while the opposite winding is stored open. Usually LV aspect is supplied with the rated voltage and the LV side is kept open. If the transformer is used at voltages other than the rated voltage, then the test must be conducted at that voltage. The meters are linked to the transformer as proven in the circuit diagram. After making use of the voltage the meter readings are famous. The ammeter studying corresponds to the no load current Io and the watt meter reading corresponds to the core loss or iron loss Pi.

Pi = Po (Iron loss)
Shunt parameters within the equivalent circuit can be calculated from the next components.

Yo = Gi – jBm
Yo = Io / Vi

Vi2 Gi = Po

The conductance Gi = Po / Vi2
The susceptance Bm = √ (Yo2 – Gi2)

Circuit diagram for short circuit check
The rationale for providing supply on the HV aspect will be clearly understood from the next instance.

For a 200 kV, 440/ 6600 V transformer the voltage requirement for HV facet is
6600 x 5/a hundred = 330V

And the present required is
200 x one thousand/6600 = 30 A

If suppose the provision is offered on the LV side, then the voltage requirement is
440 x 5 / one hundred = 22V

And the current requirement is
200 x one thousand / 440 = 445A

Equivalent circuit
Quick circuit (SC) check
Quick circuit check is performed to find out the following

I. The total load cu- loss (Copper loss).
II. Leakage reactance and equivalent resistance.
In brief circuit test provide arrangements are made on the HV side and the LV facet is brief circuited. The voltage wanted for the quick circuit test is 5 – eight% of rated voltage of the transformer.

Since the test on the HV facet requires less current than that on the LV aspect provide is offered on the HV facet. The availability voltage is step by step raised from zero until the transformer draws its full load current.

Voltage = Vs; current = Isc; Energy enter = Psc
The iron loss in the course of the brief circuit check is negligible on account of very low excitation voltage. Subsequently power drawn will probably be sufficient to satisfy the copper loss.

Therefore the watt meter studying corresponds to the complete toad copper loss.
Psc = Pcu (Copper loss)

Z = V sc / I sc
= √ (R2 + X2)

Equivalent resistance R = Pcu/ I sc2
Equal reactance X = √ (Z2 – R2)

For the reason that iron loss is neglected the shunt branch within the equivalent circuit can be uncared for.
Circuit diagram for sumpner’s take a look at
Sumpner’s test or again to back test
This check is performed to determine the regular state temperature rise in if the transformer is full loaded continuously. This test is called Sumpner’s after its inventers William Sumpner. Briefly circuit and open circuit exams the power loss is because of both copper loss or core loss but by no means each. Sumpners check offers a manner to find the steady rise in temperature of a totally loaded transformer without conducting an precise loading take a look at. On this check two identical transformers required to find out the steady state temperature rise. However in case of very large sizes two similar transformers may not be accessible as these are custom built.

Sumpner’s test is carried out by connecting to transformers in parallel across a single rated voltage supply. The 2 secondary winding are linked in sequence with opposing polarity. Since the transformers used are similar secondary voltages cancel one another. The two transformers acts like open circuited as their secondary are in part opposition and no present circulate although them. The current drawn from the primary source is twice the no load current and the facility is twice the core loss. The secondary voltage supply is adjusted to circulate full load current and the facility fed is twice the full load copper loss. Thus by doing so full load core losses and full load copper losses are achieved in both the transformers without connecting precise load and the energy requires to satisfy the losses alone is drained from the sources.

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