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What Happened To Loki In the dead of night World

In Thor: The Dark World, Thor, Loki and Jane are at midnight sheldon thundercats shirt elves world.
Thor is in a fight and Loki saves him by sheldon thundercats shirt impaling the foe with a blade. The enemy then grabs Loki and stabs him with the blade that’s sticking out of his chest.

Men's Darth Vader War Cotton Long Sleeve Tee ShirtWe see Loki die (or pretend his demise). Thor mourns for his brother and he and Jane leave leaving Loki on the ground.

Then at the tip of the film Thor is speaking Women’s Beetle Booster Print Long Sleeve Tee Shirt to Odin. He tells him he can’t be the king of Asgard and leaves. After he leaves Odin turns into Loki sheldon thundercats shirt revealing that Loki is still alive.

How did he faux his loss of life Was he really stabbed and just carried out the illusion that he stopped respiration till after Thor left