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Top 10 Worst Moments In Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is liable for a complete revitalization of the comedian book trade in the 60s, some of the best and most beloved characters and superhero tales in history, and helping to persuade the mainstream that comic books are a reliable artwork form. Their energy and greatness cannot be denied.

However, it also cannot be denied that now and again Marvel has dropped the ball and released horrible comics. This is not a condemnation of Marvel comics or their characters. Instead, it’s a condemnation of the unhealthy storytellers, the unhealthy artists, and the dangerous writers who betrayed the public’s trust by abusing the characters and creations that Marvel fans hold so pricey.

In chronological order, here are ten of the all time worst moments within the historical past of Marvel Comics:
10. Rape of Ms. Marvel (October 1980)

Avengers Vol. 1 #200
By the top of the 70s, Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel, had grow to be considered one of Marvel’s flagship feminine characters. And all it took was one issue of The Avengers to spoil both her standing as a robust female character and her popularity. To make a protracted (and overly sophisticated) story short, Ms. Marvel grew to become mysteriously pregnant and gave start to a full term child three days later. Then, the baby, named Marcus, mysteriously grew up virtually instantly, and revealed that he had “seduced” his mother and impregnated her. And by “seduced” I mean “raped.” And what grew to become of Ms. Marvels incestuous rape baby He grew up to be…Marcus! That’s proper, he had gone back in time to impregnate his mom with himself. But the worst a part of this travesty was that not solely was Ms. Marvel, one in all Marvel’s leading feminine characters, raped, she revealed that she loved it and determined to stay with him afterwards. Hooray for feminism!

9. Clone Saga (October 1994 – December 1996)
Web of Spider-Man #117-129, Sensational Spider-Man #0-11, Wonderful Spider-Man #394-418, Spider-Man #fifty one-seventy five, Spectacular Spider-Man #217-240, Spider-Man Limitless (Vol. 1) #7-14

If you happen to peruse this listing, you could also be surprised to find that most of the entries are associated to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The primary one to make an appearance is the dreadfully convoluted and stupidly executed Clone Saga, a storyline that ran by way of the entire Spider-Man titles for 2 years. It all started with a storyline back in the 70s where the villain named the Jackal cloned Peter Parker and his deceased girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Spidey fought his clone, won, and went off none the wiser. A long time later, this storyline was introduced back to life when it was revealed that not solely had the clone survived his encounter with Spidey, but that the clone, now identified as the Scarlet Spider, was the actual Peter Parker and that the Peter Parker that the comics had followed for decades was the clone! Evidently, this angered most, if not all, of Spider-Man’s fans.

So, what was speculated to be a brief arc that only lasted a number of points ran for 2 long, painful years as Marvel tried to backtrack and restore the status quo. Alongside the way, it was revealed that, surprise-surprise, the Scarlet Spider WAS the clone and Peter Parker WAS the unique. Throw within the clumsy resurrection of Aunt May after she had previously died (THAT Aunt Could was Additionally one other clone); a couple hundred extra Spider-Man clones that Jackal just happened to have in his basement; and the revelation that your entire factor had been orchestrated by Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, who was believed to have died a long time in the past- and you’ve got probably the most infuriating tales ever advised in all the history of the comedian e-book medium. And the kicker Afterwards, all people acted like nothing had occurred and the plot line was by no means talked about again. Marvel had actually wasted two years of their readers’ lives with nothing to indicate for it.

Eight. Iron Man: The Crossing (September 1995 – February 1996)
Avengers #390-395; Avengers: The Crossing #1; Power Works #16-20; Iron Man #320-325; Warfare Machine #20-23; Avengers: Timeslide #1; Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man #1

Retcon (retroactive continuity) is a literary device used to alter beforehand established details in fiction and is usually utilized in comedian ebook sequence with lengthy histories because “the plurality of writers who contribute stories can often create situations that demand clarification or revision” (wikipedia). As a general rule of thumb, every time Marvel retcons unhealthy things happen…as in dangerous comics are launched upon unsuspecting fans. So, within the mid-90s when Marvel decided to reveal that Iron Man was a traitor who had worked as a sleeper agent for Kang The Conqueror for years, you can guess that there could be problems. First, he goes on a killing spree, killing the female Yellowjacket, Amanda Chaney, and Marilla, the nanny of Quicksilver’s daughter. The Avengers resolve that the smartest thing to do is recruit a teen-age Tony Stark from one other timeline, have him steal the Iron Man swimsuit, and combat the now evil Tony Stark. Within the ensuing fight, the real Tony Stark sacrifices himself to stop Kang. For some time, the teenage Tony Stark was the official Iron Man… and what a fiasco THAT was. The new Tony seemed ridiculous with an atrocious new set of armor. But what actually alienated followers was the concept Tony Stark, a personality that that they had come to know and love for decades, was a traitor. Actually, this was a blatant slap in the face to his fans. Thankfully, all the debacle was utterly retconned, changing Teen Tony with Good Tony. Unfortunately, in order to do so, they needed to rely on the occasion that takes the next spot on this list.

7. Heroes Reborn (1996 – 1997)
Implausible 4 Vol. 2 #1-12, Avengers Vol. 2 #1-12, Captain America Vol. 2 #1-12, Iron Man Vol. 2 #1-12

The 90s had been a darkish, dark time for comedian books. Gone had been the times of cheerful heroes helping innocent bystanders and combating large monsters. In the 90s, everyone was a dark, brooding anti-hero. Comics grew to become grim, dark, and ultraviolent.

It was in the midst of this creative quagmire that Marvel, in the face of bankruptcy, decided to reboot their complete universe within the Heroes Reborn crossover sequence that ran from 1996 to 1997. Basically, Marvel trapped 4 of their most famous properties, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Captain America, and Iron Man, in a pocket dimension after their obvious deaths by the hands of the psionic entity Onslaught. This allowed their writers to go back and inform model new stories with these characters that they wouldn’t have been in a position to within mainstream Marvel continuity.

It was a decent idea. Nevertheless, they decided to outsource these stories to former employees Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld who turned them into over-the-prime, shameless parodies of themselves. The series had been beset by bad tales and some of the worst art to ever disgrace the medium. It was so bad that Marvel primarily needed to reboot their universe Once more simply so they could restore all the things to the status quo that was enjoyed before Heroes Reborn began. The silver lining to this abomination was that it succeeded in restoring Marvel’s gross sales and saved the corporate from a monetary meltdown. All it took was a year of pure pain and agony on the part of the followers.

6. Chuck Austen’s X-Men (2002-2004)
Uncanny X-Men #410-441

Yes, ALL of Chuck Austen’s X-Males run. It’s literally unimaginable to choose just one factor that was flawed with it. The place do we begin How concerning the horrific characterizations How concerning the blatant misogyny How about the truth that it followed one in all the greatest X-Males runs of all time (Grant Morrison) with stories that had been designed to retcon it all How about when Jubilee and a bunch of other X-Males had been CRUCIFIED by a group of radicals who needed to discredit the Catholic church by making Nightcrawler the Pope and killing people with disintegrating communion wafers Or, sticking with Nightcrawler, how about the time when it was revealed that he was actually the son of a demon named Azazel who gave start to him so he may teleport him to earth

No, I’ve received it! It must be the revelation concerning Xorn, a supporting solid member from Morrison’s run who had healing powers fueled by actually having a star in his head. For individuals who haven’t read Morrison’s run (and you all should), it was revealed that Xorn was none aside from Magneto who was making an attempt to infiltrate the college! In size 4x t shirts the long run, Magneto kills Phoenix (for the umpteenth time) and will get his head lopped off by Wolverine. Marvel, horrified at the concept of dropping one of their central villains, retconned it all. How They mentioned that Xorn (who remember, wasn’t actual however a disguise utilized by Magneto) had a twin brother who infiltrated the X-Men DISGUISED as Magneto. So, in summation, we’ve the twin of a one that by no means existed in the first place infiltrate the X-Males disguised as Magneto disguised as… his real identity… Make sense No Don’t fear. No one else can figure it out, both. At the least Marvel acquired Magneto again for several more many years of milking.

5. Sins Previous (August 2004 – January 2005)
The Wonderful Spider-Man #509-514

Oh, Spider-Man fans… Why must Marvel proceed to abuse you Gwen Stacy, considered one of Spider-Man’s first girlfriends, was a fan favourite for many years. Her homicide by the hands of the Green Goblin is claimed to have single-handedly ended the Silver Age of Comics. It was a tragic scene that helped define Spider-Man for a new technology. Even after Spidey hooked up with Mary Jane, there was nonetheless a large quantity of care and sympathy for Gwen, solidifying her standing as one of the vital-loved characters in the complete Marvel Universe. So, after all, Marvel decided that the neatest thing to do was to rewrite her previous in order that Norman Osborn, the Inexperienced Goblin, had slept along with her. Oh, however he just didn’t sleep with her…he knocked her up with TWINS that she gave birth to in France. After deciding to come clear with Peter and increase the youngsters with him, Norman killed her. Why So he may raise them himself! Due to Norman’s bizarre blood, the youngsters aged faster than regular in order that they were full-grown adults earlier than they reached 10 years old! What does Norman do with them He makes them assault Spider-Man!

Sins Previous single-handedly ruined the character of Gwen Stacy for untold numbers of followers. Her tragic and emotional loss of life was cheapened for pure shock worth. However this wouldn’t be the only time that Marvel would intentionally wreck or disgrace certainly one of Spidey’s relationships with a loved one. We’ll get to THAT horrible story in a bit. Picture from

4. Civil Struggle (June 2006 – January 2007)
Civil Warfare #1-7

It began as a comparatively good idea: a schism happens in the superhero neighborhood when a bunch of heroes by chance blow up a big part of Stamford, Connecticut during a battle, killing over 600 civilians, including 60 youngsters. Heroes had been faced with a daunting possibility: register their identities with the federal government and become federal workers in order to stop such a calamity from taking place once more or face prosecution. Half of the group, led by Iron Man, advocated registration, believing it to be the moral and responsible resolution. The other half, led by Captain America, believed that forced registration was a violation of their civil liberties and revealing their identities could put their buddies and households at risk. It was a difficult and emotional situation for everyone involved.

There was no straightforward answer or resolution to the problem… at least… there wasn’t till Iron Man and Mr. Improbable created a robotic Thor clone which attacked the anti-registration camp, killing the superhero Goliath in the process. And then, as an alternative of trying to steer and convince the anti-registration folks to register, Iron Man and his followers hunted them down like animals, arrested them, and threw them in an unbreakable prison in another dimension with out a fair trial or due course of. Not to mention that the professional-registration camp convinced Spider-Man to reveal his identification as Peter Parker publicly, leading to his Aunt Could getting shot (which subsequently results in the next entry on this listing). As the icing on the cake, after Captain America heroically surrenders to prevent any extra violence or bloodshed, he is shot and killed on the steps of a courthouse.

I can’t emphasize sufficient how badly Civil Conflict was received and how it virtually irrevocably broken Marvel Comics. To this day, there are people who refuse to forgive Iron Man for his betrayal. What ought to have been an excellent-sided, philosophical, and coronary heart-stirring storyline grew to become imply-spirited, darkish, and had characters that people had identified and liked for many years activate each other. The Marvel staff completely isolated their followers by taking Iron Man’s professional-registration facet during the talk, alienating thousands of readers. For a lot of, Civil War can be considered to be a turning point in Marvel’s history…and not a good one at that.

Three. Yet another Day (November 2007 – January 2008)
The Superb Spider-Man #544, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24, The Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2) #forty one, Wonderful Spider- Man #545.

If I ranked this record in order of probably the most hated, most unwell conceived, most badly written, and poorly received moment in Marvel historical past, One more Day can be on the highest. There isn’t any competitors. For those of you who don’t learn comics, let me try and break this down for you. Anybody who has seen the Spider-Man movies knows that Spider-Man’s true love was Mary Jane Watson. It’s been that method for almost four many years. She was amongst essentially the most beloved members of the Marvel universe for her character, spunk, and eternal devotion to her husband Peter Parker. The two had weathered countless storms collectively, but had all the time come out stronger consequently. Their wedding was one in all the largest Marvel occasions in history. size 4x t shirts For years, Peter Parker and Mary Jane were THE comic e-book couple, probably only rivaled in popularity by Superman and Lois Lane in DC Comics.

One day, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada decided that he didn’t like the idea of Spider-Man being married. He believed that being single was important to Spider-Man’s character (by no means thoughts the fact that he had been married to Mary Jane for almost TWENTY YEARS). So what did he do He made Spider-Man make a deal with the Satan to trade his marriage to save lots of the life of Aunt Might who had been shot within the aftermath of Civil Struggle. Let me say that once more in case you didn’t grasp the infuriating implications of that final sentence. Spider-Man, one of the last word paragons of personal accountability and righteousness in ALL of comics, made a deal… with the Satan! The deal was to sacrifice his MARRIAGE all so that he could save the life of his ELDERLY Aunt Could. (Facet Be aware: He had beforehand contacted Aunt Might in the spirit world who advised him to let her go since she was old, had a superb life, and wanted Peter to be pleased.)

It was nearly universally panned by critics. The fan backlash was the stuff of legends. Joe Quesada grew to become one of the hated individuals in the industry, even getting booed off the stage at conventions. But one of the worst issues about Another Day was that it was a key example of a disturbing trend among comedian book corporations: editors utilizing their positions to ghostwrite their favorite comics. In truth, lots of the entries on this checklist were the results of editorial mandates. Among them, Another Day reigns supreme. No comic firm is perfect. Even their rival company, DC Comics, has their justifiable share of terrible moments (however that’s an inventory for another day…). However it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ll take comfort in the fact that they didn’t put out Another Day. Another Day is the last word bad comedian guide moment.

2. Ultimates three (2008)
The Ultimates three #1-5

The final word Marvel imprint, started in 2000, was supposed to be a brand new Marvel Universe free from many years of comic continuity. It was designed as a starting point for new comedian book readers who didn’t need to be slowed down or confused with story and character histories. Their major sequence included Final versions of the Incredible 4, the X-Males, and Spider-Man (easily the preferred and profitable title from the last word line). However the last word Universe additionally had their own version of the Avengers known as the Ultimates. The Ultimates have been the subjects of three short stand-alone collection, creatively titled The Ultimates, The Ultimates 2, and The Ultimates 3. The first two have been wild, run-away successes, reinventing their characters for a brand new generation and creating some of probably the most iconic moments of the brand new millennium (“Does this “A” look prefer it stands for France ). After which Ultimates three got here alongside.

In an incredibly convoluted and complicated plot, the Scarlet Witch was assassinated, the Ultimates squared off with android duplicates of themselves, and Quicksilver was supposedly killed (extra on that in the following entry). Oh… and in some way Physician Doom was the genius behind all of it. Sound cool It isn’t. The entire series is plagued with horrible art, terrible writing, abysmal dialogue, and grotesque characterizations. Many individuals consider the Ultimates three as being the start of the downfall of the ultimate Universe. However it could take our primary spot to complete the job.

1. Ultimatum (November 2008 – July 2009)
Ultimatum #1-5

That is it, people. This is extensively thought-about to be THE occasion that killed the final word Universe line. Think about that for a second…these 5 comics ended a ten yr long comedian e book line. How Let’s break it down:

Many of the Ultimates most beloved characters are killed off panel.
– Half of the characters in the ultimate Universe had been killed, together with, however not limited to: Daredevil, Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Physician Strange, Emma Frost, Hank Pym, Juggernaut, Magneto, Professor X, Thor, Wasp, and Wolverine.
– Over-the-prime and offensive violence: the Wasp was cannibalized by the Blob, Magneto snaps Professor X’s neck, Madrox creates clones which he turns into suicide bombers, Wolverine has the adamantium stripped from his bones.
– Scientific inaccuracies: Magneto reverses the Earth’s magnetic poles… no wait… the planet’s axis… no wait… the magnetic poles…. no wait… who cares They’re the same thing, right

The less you learn about this insult of a comic, the better. The one thing you have to know is that Magneto tries to destroy the world in revenge for the deaths of his children, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. However wait! Quicksilver is revealed to be alive! However the actual question is…who cares! Author Jeph Loeb destroyed nearly the whole lot that folks loved concerning the Ultimates Universe. The injury was so large that they needed to RE- LAUNCH the last word Universe. This comedian has left fans scratching and banging their heads towards the wall, questioning why Marvel would ever print this abominable excuse for a story.