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5 Important Joker First Appearance/Origin Tales

This landmark graphic novel, written by Alan Moore, with artwork from Brian Bolland, is considered by many to be certainly one of the best Batman stories ever revealed. This advanced and controversial evaluation of the relationship between Batman and the Joker (which features an ending that is still being debated years later), provides a number of layers of depth and context to the Golden Age, “The Man Behind the Red Hood” Joker origin.

Rather than paint the Joker as only a nihilistic madman, Killing Joke truly makes an attempt to create some sympathy for the character. Flashback sequences show the Joker as a young man making an attempt to make it as a stand-up comic as a way to supply for he and his pregnant spouse. When his stand-up profession fails, he makes a desperate deal with the mob to rob a chemical plant. The man then attempts to again out of the deal when his wife tragically dies in an accident, however is strong-armed into making the robbery anyway. The future Joker is dressed in a crimson hood for the heist and jumps into a vat of chemicals to flee Batman a la the Golden star trek red shirt costume malaysia Age origin.

In fact Killing Joke has the added benefit of some of the most sensible artwork you’ll ever see from Bolland, including the iconic panel of Joker emerging from the chemicals, complete together with his Cheshire Cat grin. Whereas future creators have performed round a bit with Joker’s origin, Killing Joke’s immense recognition has roughly made this the definitive “year one” Joker story.

Four. Batman: The Man Who Laughs
This 2005 prestige format one-shot by Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke reimagines Joker’s first look (see entry No. 1) and functions as an unofficial sequel of sorts to Frank Miller/David Mazzuchelli’s “Batman: Yr One” storyline (which ends with police detective Jim Gordon mentioning some new villain named the Joker threatening to poisin Gotham’s water supply). Continuity-smart, this storyline is alleged to symbolize the first time the Joker and Batman meet within the Publish-Crisis on the Infinite Earths universe (when quite a lot of major DC icons had their status quos/continuities reset).

Much like Batman #1, Joker spends the bulk of this comic issuing public threats to a lot of high profile Gotham City residents – threats that he in the end cashes in on when he kills the socialites.

Within the book’s last act, Batman confronts Joker at the reservoir and has the chance to kill this lunatic, thus saving numerous of innocent folks; one thing Batman inevitably chooses not to do for ethical causes.

5. “Lovers and Madmen” (Batman Confidential #7-12)
This considerably divisive story, written by Michael Green (of Heroes fame), with art by Denys Cowan, marks yet one more recreation of the iconic Purple Hood/toxic chemical accident, resulting within the creation of the Joker. Where this arc differs considerably from Moore/Bolland’s The Killing Joke is in its interpretation of the man the Joker was earlier than his accident. The man, just named Jack, is a profession criminal who talks about how bored he’s develop into with star trek red shirt costume malaysia humdrum robberies and heists. He begins to make his jobs extra challenging (for instance, by purposely tripping security alarms) due to this boredom, and ends up drawing out Batman. Jack is instantly fascinated by Batman, primarily as a result of he looks ridiculous in his cape and cowl, and begins to commit extra crimes simply to get face-time with the Caped Crusader.

Jack ultimately takes a woman hostage who seems to be courting Bruce Wayne. In a match of rage, Jack slashes the woman star trek red shirt costume malaysia throughout the midsection, which prompts Batman to throw his bat-a-rang on the man, scarring his face near his lips (giving Joker his infamous smile). One accident at a chemical plant later and the Joker is formally born.

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