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Joker: “Wait until they get a load of me.”
Joker: “The pen is really mightier than the sword.”

: “(The theme from Batman Ceaselessly)”
Riddler: “I’m sorry, your reply should be in the type of a question, however thank you for playing! (From Batman Eternally)”

Riddler: “Riddle me this! What kind of a man, has bats on the brain (From Batman Endlessly)”
Riddler: “Caffeine’ll kill ya! (From Batman Without end)”

Riddler: “Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who’s afraid of the large, star wars the force awakens poster shirt 15 black bat (From Batman Ceaselessly)”

Riddler: “Now… the real game begins. (From Batman Forever)”
The Joker: “Gentlemen! Let’s broaden our minds. Lawrence! (From Batman)”

The Joker: “Decent folks shouldn’t stay right here. They’d be happier someplace else. (From Batman)”
The Joker: “This town needs an enema! (From Batman)”

Chase: “What’s it in regards to the wrong sort of man ”
Batman: “It is the car, proper Chicks love the automobile. (From Batman Eternally)”

The Riddler: “Fred.. Babe! You might be fired! Or ought to I say “terminated ” (sound of Fred falling) SURF’S star wars the force awakens poster shirt 15 UP Massive KAHUNA!! ooo… nice form, but a little rough on the landing. He might must settle for the bronze…. (From Batman Without end)”

Bruce Wayne: “Mister…. ”
Riddler: “Ohhh, Bruce Wayne!”
Bruce Wayne: “No, that is my identify. You are… ”
Riddler: “Nigma. Edward Nigma. (From Batman Eternally)”

Bruce Wayne: “So, Mr. Nigma, what’s in your mind ”
Mr. Nigma: “Exactly. What’s on all our minds (From Batman Ceaselessly)”

Dr. Meridian: “Properly as you say, I may write a helluva paper on a grown man who dresses like a flying rodent.”
Batman: “Bats aren’t rodents, Dr. Meridian.”
Dr. Meridian: “Really I didn’t know that. You are attention-grabbing.

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