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Definition Of Round Robin

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n.1. Sports A tournament during which every contestant is matched in flip against each other contestant.

    A petition supergirl t shirt and cape quiz or protest on which the signatures are organized in a circle in order to conceal the order of signing.
    A letter sent amongst members of a group, usually with comments added by every individual in flip.

n 1. a letter, esp a petition or protest, having the signatures in a circle as a supergirl t shirt and cape quiz way to disguise the order of signing
2. any letter or petition signed by a number of people
three. a letter that is copied and sent to a number of different folks
four. (General Sporting Phrases) a. a tournament, as in a aggressive sport or sport, by which each player plays against each different player
b. (as modifier): a round-robin tournament.

round′ rob′in
n. 1. a sequence or series.
2. a tournament during which the entire entrants play each other a minimum of as soon as.
3. a letter, notice, or the like, circulated from particular person to person in a bunch, usually with particular person comments being added by every.
4. a petition or the like having the signatures organized in circular form so as to disguise the order of signing.

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Noun1.spherical robin – a tournament during which every contestant performs every different contestanttournament, tourney – a sporting competition wherein contestants play a series of games to decide the winner

2.round robin – a letter signed by quite a lot of peopleletter, missive – a written message addressed to a person or organization; “mailed an indignant letter to the editor”

round robin

n → petizione f