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Supergirl (Tv 2017) [Archive Of Our Own]

Whereas making an attempt to avoid wasting Alex, Kara and Maggie get a threatening message the place if they do not release a infamous prisoner, Alex will die.

Kara, are you actually NOT contemplating releasing the prisoner for Your individual sister !
100% Cotton Iron Fist Insignia Short Sleeve Customized Printed On Children's T-shirtIt isn’t that easy Maggie! He’s completed a lot injury to National Metropolis prior to now and killed a number of innocent people. I know that is MY sister we’re speaking about however-

However what, Kara ! Star_Trek We can get him once more AFTER we get Alex back! What’s it that you do not understand !

No! What you do not understand is that we must discover a better manner. With out putting National Metropolis and Alex in danger. How have you learnt we may even belief what they’re saying For all we all know we launch the prisoner, and we nonetheless Do not get Alex back. Plus I’ve recognized Alex since I was thirteen, you actually think you are going to inform me what’s finest for my very own sister I can’t lose my very own sister that I love. She’s taken care of me ever since I landed right here.

I like her too, Kara!
Kara seems at Maggie in shock and confused.

Kara asks.

Yes Kara, I like Alex with all that I’ve obtained. She’s the one factor that I obtained and I am unable to lose her. I like Alex a lot and i could never get the prospect to tell her if we do not release that prisoner!

Maggie shouts.
Maggie I-

Maggie cuts Kara off.
You recognize what, I can not even look at you right now!

Maggie walks away, stomping her ft angrily.
Maggie come back! Maggie!

Kara shouts, but Maggie would not come again. In the intervening time, Kara could not care less that Maggie left. She had bigger things to be worrying about, like getting her sister Alex back.

Maggie takes time and paces frustratingly. She’s so offended that she’s crying. She collects herself and realizes that she needs to place her feelings down and really begin specializing in what’s essential right here. After all, she is one in every of National City’s finest detectives. She begins with analyzing the little data they’ve and starts connecting factors which can be beginning to make sense, when she receives a cryptic message. She appears to be like down at her cellphone with a worried face, puts her phone away in her back pocket and leaves with a determined look. The look you make when you realize it’s a must to do one thing to protect the one you love even if there is a possibility that you just, your self, may get harm, or even worse, die.

Whereas Kara is doing her own factor with J’onn, J’onn decides to remain again on the DEO with Winn to assist Supergirl. Maggie and Kara arrive at the warehouse where they suppose they have Alex. Maggie coming into by the again not figuring out Kara is there and Kara coming into by way of the entrance not knowing Maggie can be there. Kara begins to lose sign from the DEO.

J’onn whispers worryingly.

Maggie is walking cautiously down the set of stairs holding a pistol with both of her arms. She’s terrified. She sees Alex from afar inside a water tank. She sees the people who are holding Alex hostage, Maggie superman logo t shirts tries to rush in the direction of the individuals who’ve Alex when Supergirl flies in capturing her heat vision. Maggie seems to be annoyed because Supergirl simply put Alex in danger. The people who are holding Alex hostage start capturing in direction of Supergirl and Maggie. Maggie senses that Supergirl and herself are outnumbered. The tank Alex is in, starts making a noise. Turning on. The water slowly starts to rise. Alex’s face drops. She starts banging on the tank

Supergirl! Maggie!
Both Supergirl and Maggie turn in the direction of Alex and notice that water is rising. Quicker that they thought. Maggie begins shooting at the tank, but it is not cracking. Supergirl shoots her heat imaginative superman logo t shirts and prescient but that doesn’t work both. The individuals who have her hostage, laugh at how pathetic Supergirl and Maggie and looking.

Nothing can stop that tank from rising.
The water has reached Alex’s neck. Maggie and Supergirl feel the pressure and channel their inside energy they never knew they had. Eventually they beat the kidnappers, however water has reached Alex’s head. Supergirl makes use of the entire strength she has to interrupt the tank while Maggie shoots the tank. They both manage to crack and break the tank and all the water rushes down in every single place within the warehouse and Alex rushes proper with the stream of water, her physique gliding to nearly the opposite aspect of where the tank was. Alex laying on the flooring unconscious. Maggie runs towards Alex, screaming.

Alex! Alex!
Maggie is crying. She’s running as fast as she will, however she feels that with each step she runs ahead, she’s taking ten again. She feels like she’s never going to make it. She ultimately reaches Alex and she throws herself to the ground crying, panicking, grabbing Alex’s soaking wet body and laying her on her lap.

Alex, please!
Maggie cries.

You cannot leave me please! I want you, I can’t lose you!
Kara watches Maggie heartbroken, she cannot move. She feels paralyzed.

Maggie continues rocking back and forth holding Alex on her lap, crying, saying her name over and over again while she gently strokes Alex’s cheek.

Alex begins to cough. She’s choking on the water that’s inside her mouth. Maggie begins to panic in surprise and relieve. Kara is about to take off, fly in the direction of Alex…

Alex seems to be at Maggie and smiles. And Maggie smiling and crying at the identical time is about to tell Alex what she’s been wanting to inform her for quite a while now.

Alex, I lo-
One of many kidnappers, barely acutely aware, wakes up, reaches for the nearest gun and shoots Maggie. One. Two. Thrice. The gunshots echo through the warehouse. For a second the whole lot feels as if time stopped. Maggie sees Alex making an attempt to speak to her with a very heartbreaking, nervous look, however she can’t make up any of the words popping out of Alex’s mouth. She sees Alex shifting her lips however she just hears an extended pitch noise. Maggie seems down at her gunshot wounds, locations her palms on them attempting to cease the bleeding, but falls flat. Alex barely even ready to move is paralyzed. Kara lastly makes it in the direction of Alex and Maggie. Maggie laying on a pool of her blood. Alex on the facet of Maggie’s body, Supergirl strikes Alex behind tools, grabs the kidnaper and knocks him out utterly. He may even be useless, and Kara couldn’t care. An unexpected van comes from behind the warehouse and drag Maggie’s body onto the van. Alex tries to scream, however no words come out of her mouth. Finally she will get something out.

Alex tries to get up, she stumbles whereas making an attempt to run, however ultimately catches herself making an attempt to chase the van when Supergirl stops her from going after it.

Alex! I am sorry!
Kara apologizes.

Kara let me go!
Alex pleads for Kara to let her go. Her voice cracking whereas her body slowly collapses to the flooring whereas she watched the van leave with Maggie in disbelief. Kara reassures Alex that she is going to do something and every little thing to carry Maggie back. Useless or alive.

Alex, I promise you that we’ll discover Maggie. Alex, we’ll get her back. I promise you!
Why did not you let me go !

Alex says crying angrily. Kara did not have any words. Phrases could not even begin to console Alex in that very moment. Kara simply hopes that Alex can forgive her, in due time, and she hopes that they can find Maggie for Alex.