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Ward, Who Also Voiced Marvel Girl

Bizarra is a fictional character showing in American comic books printed by DC Comics. Bizarra first appeared in DC Comics Presents #71 (July 1984), in a narrative written by E. Nelson Bridwell with artwork by Curt Swan. The character is a distorted version of the superhero Marvel Woman, primarily based on the Superman villain Bizarro. She is a quite simple-minded being, has reversed character traits, believes ladies are inferior to men, and speaks in reverse of what her true meaning is.

1 Fictional character biography 1.1 Pre-Disaster
1.2 Publish-Disaster
2.1 Powers and abilities

three.1 All-Star Superman
Men's Custom Iron Man Short Sleeve T ShirtsFictional character biography[edit]

Bizarro-Wonder Girl is first proven as a member of the Bizarro Justice League crew of social misfit heroes that inhabit Bizarro World.[1] Their house base is an abandoned submarine at the underside of the sea. The group consists of Bizarro, Bizarro Wonder Woman, Bizarro Yellow Lantern, Bizarro Aquaman, and Bizarro Hawkman. Batzarro had left the group to type the superhero group “The Insiders”, a Bizarro model of the superman shirt in store number Outsiders group.

In the story, Bizarro is bored being able to defeat his fellow Justice League members so he creates a Bizarro model of the villain Amazo. Amazo steals the powers of the Justice League, together with Marvel Lady, and helpfully offers them to unusual citizens of Bizarro World. After realizing the folly of his actions, Bizarro convinces Bizarro Amazo to return the powers to the correct individuals.

Put up-Disaster[edit]
In 1985, DC Comics introduced a storyline titled Disaster on Infinite Earths. That firm-wide story arc erased the established historical past of almost all DC Comic’s characters. Bizarra was then re-launched as a part of an all new Bizarro Justice League staff[2] (which included Bizarro, Batzarro, Bizarro Flash, Bizarro Hawkgirl, and Bizarro Yellow Lantern). They reside on the cube-formed planet Htrae which is populated entirely with Bizarro-kind people. At one level, Bizarro Hawkgirl tied up Bizarra (in that story referred to as “Marvel Lady”) together with her personal lasso. It was defined that Bizarra’s lasso had the ability to force anyone tied by it to tell solely lies. Bizarra gave the impression to be romantically excited about Bizarro however the feeling was not shared as Bizarro was in love together with his world’s model of Lois Lane solely. Through the storyline, it was shown that as a result of publicity to Htrae’s blue sun, Bizarro gained the power to create new Bizarro life-types. Whether or not Bizarra was created by Bizarro or was a pre-current character is unclear.

Bizarra is later proven to be working for the villain Monarch.[3] She, together with several other variant tremendous-heroes, torture Tracer mercilessly. Bizarra ends the battle by hanging Tracer along with her lasso from a hearth escape by his neck.

Powers and expertise[edit]

Bizarra is depicted as having all of the abilities of Marvel Girl, although in some incarnations several of these traits have been reversed, reminiscent of:

– “Lasso of Lies”, A lasso that forces anyone tied by it to lie, as a substitute of Lasso of Reality.
Different versions[edit]

All-Star Superman[edit]
In 2005, DC Comics launched the All-Star superman shirt in store number line of comics. This line just isn’t in continuity with the other comic guide titles launched through DC Comics so its storylines have no influence on Surprise Lady’s generally established comic book history. In the title All-Star Superman, a Bizarro Wonder Woman is introduced.[Four] Usually she is a four- to 5-foot-tall (1.2 to 1.5 m) statue carried around by Bizarro on numerous Bizarro Justice League missions. Bizarro explains that Bizarro Wonder Woman started out as a wonderful child who became an ugly low cost clay statue. Thus she has the alternative life of the standard Marvel Lady who began out as a clay statue of a toddler who was reworked right into a flesh and blood girl. Despite being an inanimate statue, Bizarro insists that Bizarro Wonder Woman is an effective group player.

– An earlier animated model of Bizarra was proven in an episode of the 1985 tv series The Tremendous Powers Crew: Galactic Guardians titled “The Bizarro Super Powers Staff” voiced by actress B.J. Ward, who additionally voiced Wonder Girl. Within the episode, Bizarro decides that his world of Bizarros wants more heroes than simply Bizarro Supermen. He takes a duplicator ray to Earth and makes Bizarro duplicates of Wonder Lady (known as Bizarro Wonder Woman), Firestorm and Cyborg. Planning on taking them back to guard Bizarro World, Mister Mxyzptlk convinces Bizarro to practice his new pals on Earth, which causes havoc for the true Tremendous Powers Team.
– Bizarra appears in Lego DC Comics Tremendous Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, voiced by Kari Wahlgren. In it, she, Batzarro, Greenzarro, and Cyzarro are created by Bizarro firing a duplicating ray at Batman, Surprise Lady, Green Lantern, and Cyborg.
– Bizarra appears in Lego Batman 3: Past Gotham. In the Bizarro World DLC map, Bizarra is amongst the Bizarro Justice League members that defends Bizarro World from Darkseid’s forces.

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