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That “The Wolverine” Thread

I didn’t even notice that the Wolverine mini by Miller was source materials for this. That was a long time ago, and i did not much care for it anyway, IIRC. Was Viper in that one Silver Samurai

I just remembered that not solely did nobody placed on a superhero go well with, but Viper wasn’t even referred to as Viper by identify. She was described as a viper once, and i seen at the time it could possibly be interpreted as that being her name, and i loved the cleverness of it. (A nod to followers, nothing to confuse newbies.) Usually she was referred to by her physician title (which was possible an alias), and Logan referred to her as “the blonde” a couple of occasions. And she was By no means called “Madame Hydra,” nor was Hydra referenced in any approach that I caught.

So long as I’m on Viper, she mentions that she’s immune to all poisons, plus she’s a mutant with a Toad tongue. I don’t recall any Madame Hydras being mutants, and the only character I can remember superman silver foil logo t-shirt taiwan who’s immune to all poisons (which is sort of a trick, given their selection) is DC’s Cheshire. Can anyone affirm or deny my admittedly fuzzy memories

As to the prepare scene, one mark of success: My spouse couldn’t watch it. She kept hiding her eyes.
I beloved it that often somebody would refer to Logan as “the gaijin.” Wolverine comics is the place I learned that word. (It’s a Japanese word which means foreigner, and as such kind of subhuman …

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