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Is Catwoman A Hero, A Villain Or One thing Else

Catwoman is what we name an “antihero”. Merriam-Webster defines the time period antihero as:
Women's harley quinn face Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt(noun) A superman superwoman t shirts main character in a book, play, film, and so on.who does not have the same old good qualities which might be anticipated in a hero.

Up until the modern age, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman was largely thought of a villain, albeit one who occasionally shared sexual tension and/or a mutual attraction with Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Throughout the 1990’s, the character became increasingly less antagonistic in the direction of Batman and was retconned somewhat right into a more sympathetic Robin Hood type of criminal.

Later versions of the character have taken that idea even further, transforming her from a cat burglar with strong convictions to an antihero who is keen to break the principles whereas supporting the downtrodden & underdogs of society.

Some characters such as Wolverine or Ghost Rider blur the road between “hero” and “antihero”. A very good instance of a superman superwoman t shirts straight antihero would be Marvel’s character The Punisher – a “hero” who kills remorselessly and is wished by the authorities for stated murders. The same example inside the DC universe would be Lobo. Each characters play by their own guidelines and are sometimes shunned by even other superheroes.