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Did Batman Ever Kill The Joker

Batman killed the Joker in the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman. While some people will debate the purpose, the fact is Batman actually declared his intention to kill the Joker, then as the Joker was escaping Batman strapped the Joker’s leg to a statue that will inevitably either pull the Joker off the helicopter and result in him falling, or would pull the statue off the building and end result in the him falling. In the following films — particularly, Batman Returns and Batman Eternally — Batman explicitly talks about having killed the Joker and feeling responsible over it, and how it doesn’t relieve the anger or ache.

Women's SJPA Black Widow Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtWithin the comics, Batman by no means killed the Joker throughout the official canonical universe of stories, but there are a few “alternate dimenstion” stories — generally known as elseworld stories — in which Batman did kill the Joker in some method…

    Within the graphic novel Batman Bloodstorm, Batman has been turned right into a vampire and is battling the Joker, and ultimately Batman drinks the Joker’s blood and kills him, then places a stake by the Joker’s heart to make sure he would not reanimate as a vampire himself.
    In the graphic novel Batman: Two Faces, Batman really seems to have disassociative identification disorder — commonly referred to as “multiple persona disorder.” He remains to be Batman, however he secretly additionally has a second personality that is the Joker and commits murders. When he finally finds out that HE is really the Joker, Batman commits suicide, thus on this story Batman technically “kills the Joker.”
    In the Justice League alternate-universe story The Nail, Batman kills the Joker in a moment of rage after the Joker murders Robin and Batgirl.

Lately, it is grow to be in style for followers and even comic the walking dead michonne shirt guide professionals to assert that Batman killed the Joker at the end of the graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke. Even the author and artist of the iconic comedian have added their voices to the claims, suggesting that was the supposed interpretation of the ending. Nevertheless, the truth is that the story’s themes and the artwork itself actually make it clear that is not what really occurred, and the entire “Batman killed the Joker” idea was invented after the very fact.

The artwork doesn NOT show Batman grabbing the Joker’s neck, it fairly clearly reveals him grasping the Joker’s shoulder. Batman is leaning forward laughing with the Joker at a joke, and holding himself up with a hand on the Joker’s shoulder. It’s a pose implying these two arch enemies are sharing this single second of readability together, admitting the absurdity of their relationship and the fact that they are both loopy in other ways. The two men within the joke represent Batman and the Joker, and the punchline is that neither can belief the other in any try to find a mutual understanding to finish their status as trapped together in an countless insane battle.

The story begins with Batman making a suggestion to the Joker, saying he’ll assist the Joker get cured and find redemption. This same offer comes at the end of the story once more, even though the Joker has crippled Barbara Gordon and tortured Jim Gordon in an try and prove that “one dangerous day” can drive anyone Men’s Cartoon Vader Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts insane. However Batman rejects the Joker’s premise, Jim Gordon isn’t driven crazy by the torture, and the Joker’s view is debunked. The debunking comes within the form of the steadfast perception that folks can rise above, somewhat than give in to, their worst instincts in the fact of adversity and hardship. Batman represents that concept, as a symbol of heroism and commitment to justice and rejection of killing in the face of having lost his own dad and mom in a brutal, senseless murder.

Batman killing the Joker would undermine your complete point of the story, would undermine Batman’s own premise and symbolism within the story, and would in fact show the Joker Right — as a result of Batman would be permitting this “one bad day” to turn him into a killer, would make him violate his ethical code, and frankly wouldn’t make any sense in any respect in that second at the tip whereas Batman’s laughing on the joke’s metaphor for Batman’s personal craziness.

So, if anybody tells you Batman killed the Joker at the end of that story, it is simply not true and the declare did not come up till later, with Alan Moore himself not embracing and parroting the declare until years later after fans had the walking dead michonne shirt been going around saying it was true on message boards.

EDIT: Since I’m nonetheless having to argue and explain the true ending of The Killing Joke, I assumed I might just submit this comment up right here so it’s easier to see and so nobody asks the identical questions about it later…

[The artist Brian] Bollard made his remark saying one thing like “Batman reaches out for the Joker and then…” letting it trail off without finishing the sentence. After that, Morrison made his assertion that he believed Moore had meant to suggest Batman killed the Joker. Then others picked up on it and it went out across the Internet. Then eventually Moore himself implied that he might’ve meant it that means. So it started several years back with Bollard’s vague and mysterious comment, and grew from there into the parable it’s today.

But it’s a fable. And it is not clear that Batman kills the Joker, as a result of he the truth is doesn’t. The story was written a long time ago, no one remotely prompt it was a demise scene back then, there were fixed debates concerning the appropriateness of Batman sharing a joke with the Joker at the end — debates that everybody involved remarked on — and never was it mentioned that it was truly a killing scene as a substitute of a joke-sharing scene. It’s simply not remotely plausible that for decades everyone together with the creators and publishers went around talking about that comedian and discussing what happens at the tip without ever as soon as saying “Batman kills the Joker.” It just didn’t happen.

Furthermore, there is solely no credible argument that the artwork in that closing web page depicts anything aside from Batman laughing with the Joker and leaning ahead while holding the Joker’s shoulder and arm.

Right here, let’s simply look at it proper now…
The Joker is laughing, and at last the stoic Batman begins to snicker, then laughs extra, then he’s shown with a toothy smile on his face, lips turned up in an obvious smile, and he is holding the Joker’s arm, NOT his neck. There isn’t a affordable interpretation of that image as a strangling. Then the view drops all the way down to the rain falling, and the only reflection of that one strand of light within the darkness earlier than it fades away.

The joke was about two insane males trying to flee the scenario in which they’re locked, and the way the one has the crazy thought he’ll save them both by shining a light by way of the darkness to permit them each to walk by way of the darkness around them to freedom collectively. The Joker tells this story in the rain, as he wipes dampness from his face in a way mimicking tears. The ultimate photos are a metaphor in regards to the tears within the rain, about the light in the darkness, and about how these two men can share this single moment collectively wanting off into the dark and realizing their predicament, realizing they are stranded there, and at last each accepting that they’re crazy and any attempt to flee is itself a loopy pipe dream. The light, the symbol of attainable redemption, lingers a moment longer in view before giving approach to the truth of the darkness that surrounds them both.

There’s no reading of that page and its content as “Batman the walking dead michonne shirt realizes the Joker won’t accept his provide of help, so he strangles him to dying.” It is a blunted, pointless notion that contradicts your entire Level of the whole comic, that undermines the entire metaphor of the joke, and that blatantly contradicts the literal photographs drawn on that web page.

If some fans want to imagine that Batman kills the Joker and for some purpose desire the story that method, that’s nice and they can think about whatever they want. Nevertheless it isn’t the best way the story was written or the way the story was drawn, and it is a trendy revisionist interpretation that misses the much larger and way more elegant, significant concepts behind the story and the ending.