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Confessions Of A Pop Culture Virgin: Star Wars ..

Hello Vijay!
The following movie we’re speaking about is 1980’s Empire Strikes Back. Now this film is way darker and depressing than A brand new Hope and lots of people on the time had been very dissatisfied…

Yes, at the time it ended up incomes $300 million less and was far much less critically acclaimed. It was, for lack of a greater phrase, a shitty sequel.
No approach! I had no concept!

Was it disappointing that this sequel wasn’t another “fun adventure” film
Under no circumstances whatsoever! If anything it was the complete reverse.

So you loved the darker side
I believe when films get darker they are inclined to have a much stronger plot to observe and usually grow to be much more emotional.

You’d worked out in the earlier movie that Darth Vader was human, however this is the primary time we see some bodily semblence of his humanity, specifically the scene where Vader doesn’t have his helmet. What did you assume
Yeah, that was really bizarre. I really under armour superman compression shirt design wasn’t anticipating to see one thing like that. It didn’t happen to me before that he was wearing the swimsuit as a result of he had such a severe injury. But that scene did kinda change the way I felt about Darth Vader. He wasn’t simply somekind of arch-evil nemisis, however he actually was just a bloke.

One major character that we didn’t cowl final time, but I would wish to cover now is Princess Leia. Do you suppose she’s a powerful feminine character and/or continues to be related right this moment
No, in comparison with the girls in movies right now she’s not a robust female character. However she’s the only woman there, so when people jump on the bandwagon saying she’s a strong feminist, it type of looks like they’re grasping at straws. I mean she spends your entire first film in prison and all she does is ask men for assist. I mean, I know she can struggle her own battles, however I don’t see her as a robust feminist figure.

As we discussed last time, you are a massive Jim Henson fan.
I am.
You must have loved Yoda.
I liked him! I absolutely adored him! It is funny because when I used to be little certainly one of my buddies had a cuddly toy of Yoda; and each time I used to go over to stay, that toy would scare the dwelling daylights out of me! It was a horrible toy and earlier than we might go to sleep I would flip it so it would face away from me.

So you thought he was a villain then
Sort of. However then when he pops up in that forest place and it was just fantastic! He was so enduring and so… Jim Henson. Yeah, I liked Yoda.

Along with Empire being darker, it’s also considerably funnier than the first film. What did you think of the comedy
Yeah, it was really funny. Particularly when the film is so darkish I believe you want that, in any other case you’d be in some type of horrible vortex of depression.

What was the funniest scene for you then
That complete scene when Yoda hits R2 with his stick!
There are two new characters for this movie. The most important of the two might be Lando Calrissian. What did you think of him
Yeah, he’s basically a black Han Solo! Just just a little more quirky with the entire cape ensemble. In actual fact, whenever you meet him and after you get to know him a little bit, I turned to my boyfriend and stated “in order that they needed a black Han Solo “

And the opposite character is Boba Fett.
I did not really get what was the big deal over Boba Fett. My boyfriend’s a big fan of his, but he didn’t really resonate as an essential or major character.

One scene I would prefer to speak about is the scene within the carbonite chamber.
Oh, I actually enjoyed that scene, particularly with Han Solo changing into the damsel in distress.

Oh! I by no means thought of that!
Yeah, I did get pleasure from that as a result of in the primary movie he’s the one that does all of the saving, and even initially of Empire he is very much nonetheless in that “Yeah I’ll prevent” mode. But abruptly he becomes the helpless man that needs rescuing and i enjoyed that twist.

And naturally we now get to probably the most well-known line in cinematic history! “I’m your father.” is thought by virtually under armour superman compression shirt design Everybody and but you by some means by no means discovered. What did you think whenever you heard
I used to be in denial. Complete denial. When the movie finished I said to my boyfriend “I don’t believe it! He have to be mendacity!”

Yeah. I believed that Vader realises that Luke is getting extra highly effective and he mentioned that to try and play some form of mind game with Luke. Literally, as quickly as he mentioned “I’m your father”, I shouted “Bullshit!”

Unlike the previous movie this one ends on a cliffhanger. Personally I’ve all the time found that irritating. What did you assume
I was okay with it. Partly because I knew there was one other film. However I do suppose it is a bit cheeky when a film ends on a cliffhanger, however they have no idea if they’re making another one. A minimum of with Star Wars they’d have identified they had been making Episode Six.

General what did you consider the film
I loved the whole film! I was giddy with excitement when it was finally over!

Better than A brand new Hope
Yeah, undoubtedly!
What questions (if any) did the film carry up
I puzzled how Darth Vader got his injury and I discovered the entire Darth Vader father thing so shocking that I could not fairly get my head round it. I used to be sat there for ages attempting to work out what the precise relationship between Anakin, Obi and Vader was. And i wondered how the hell they’d get Han Solo back.

Favourite scene
After you have met Yoda and him and Luke are sitting in his hut talking. That was a nice scene.

Favourite character
Still R2!
Any scenes or characters you disliked
I discovered the Lando scenes somewhat confusing as a result of I could not fairly register who he was in relation to the other characters. Was he on their aspect Wasn’t he

Any pop tradition references that abruptly made sense
So many! The best way that Yoda spoke, the entire I’m your father. For example that scene in Toy Story 2 with Buzz and Zurg makes sense. And so many simpsons episodes!

And when you had to provide it a score out of ten Bearing in mind you gave A new Hope an 8 or 9.
Hmmm… See Empire is a better movie, but it’s not excellent. So I would most likely give Empire a 9 and provides New Hope a agency 8.

That’s all for this week. Subsequent week is Episode One’s The Phantom Menace! Remember in case you have any questions you would like me to ask, put them within the comments below and be happy to follow my weblog to keep up to date with future interviews!

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