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I think Elliot Spitzer May be The Devil

You what I like about America Well, I’m allowed to have an opinion and it is wonderful to think about this and even higher to talk my thoughts. So, I’ll. where can i find batman shirts java I actually think that Elliot Spitzer could be the Devil. The truth is I might guess on it, he even sort of seems to be like what I think a Devil is suppose to appear like. So, has Satan returned to earth Is Elliot Spitzer the massive bad where can i find batman shirts java pink devil himself Ought to Satan worshipers everywhere in the world be hailing one Elliot Spitzer

You understand there’s a Satanic Church or two in New York, so I ask you will they take Elliot Spitzer as their savior and worship him Will they stroll prescints when he runs for brand spanking new York Governor It will likely be attention-grabbing to see exactly who’s on his campaign won’t it, especially when the new York Governor’s elections comes around and Elliot Spitzer throws his hat, I mean three headed spear into the ring However beware, the devil doesn’t struggle truthful.

If Elliot Spitzer gets into office and if he actually is the satan, which is my opinion then what can the fine citizens of new York expect once he takes over Gotham City Will he more resemble the Joker, Riddler or another dastardly cartoon character or is he actually already there and the Governorship will only make it official Consider all this in 2006.