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The simple answer is yes, but it surely varies how it is feasible.
In the one-shot comedian “Hulk: The tip” written by Peter David, Hulk is nearly invincible. He survives a nuclear holocaust when nobody else does. Though, Bruce Banner just isn’t invincible. He dies and hulk realizes he can’t transform without dying additionally. From the synopsis:

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Suffering a painful heart assault, Banner realizes how much his punishment resembles that of Prometheus, the Final Titan; condemned to remain eternally alive even while animals devour him, speculating that the Hulk’s suffering is Earth punishing him for humanity’s sins as the embodiment of the nuclear wars that destroyed Earth. As he dies, the Hulk’s persona arises in his mind. […]

The next morning, the Hulk somberly sits exterior the cave, musing in his internal monologue: “Banner is gone…got rid of him final night.” As he remembers the confrontation, he realizes that if he have been ever to vary back to Banner, he would die additionally.

In the Lou Ferrigno model of Hulk, there was a Tv film known as The Dying of the Incredible Hulk. Hulk falls from a exploding aircraft and dies on the ground. Though in true comic type, “there was talk of one other Incredible Hulk tv movie which might resurrect the character.” Unfortunately, Invoice Bixby (who portrayed Bruce Banner) dies earlier than that ever happened.

In the comics Tales to Astonish #90 & 91, the Abomination is created and kills Hulk. He is revived within temptation hydra t shirt shortly after though.

Within the Old Man Logan comic sequence, Hulk kills and eats Logan. “Logan recuperates inside Banner’s stomach and bursts out, killing him.” See below:

In Thor #73 within temptation hydra t shirt (The Reigning Half 5), Thor kills the Hulk and others. Though, I consider at the end of The Reigning story arc Thor turns back time. This gallery has a number of pages from that situation, such because the one under. Thor also snapped Hulk’s neck in a What If concern that I couldn’t discover.

Different characters have supposedly killed the Hulk, reminiscent of Deadpool, Pink Hulk (Rulk) and Galactus. However they were all in “what if ” sort comics, and I could not find strong Men’s Desgin Bobafett Short Sleeve T Shirts details online. I discovered evidence that Hulk killed Pink Hulk (not the alternative), however this stands to motive if one hulk can die, the Hulk may die.