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Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker wonder woman t shirt with cape york is a 2000 film, a spinoff of the animated collection Batman Beyond.
1 Batman (Terry McGinnis)
2 The Joker
three Timothy Drake
4 Bruce Wayne
5 Dee-Dee Twins
6 Dialogue
7 Flashback
8 Forged
9 Exterior hyperlinks

Batman (Terry McGinnis)[edit]
(to the Jokerz) It’s a faculty night time, boys and ladies. I am gonna have to name your people.
(after the Jokerz’s automobile crashes) That ain’t coming out of my allowance.
– I hate to say it, but I think your little Robin’s turned into a bitter outdated crow.
(to Ace) Good Batdog.

The Joker[edit]
Ah, brave new world, that has such putzes in it… (Modified to “yutzes” within the edited minimize)
– You realize, youngsters, a lot has modified since your outdated Uncle Joker’s been away. New Gotham, new guidelines… even a brand new Batman. But now I’m tanned, I am rested and I am ready to provide this previous town a wedgie again!
(asking every of the Jokerz to say they’re with him) Bonk… Oh, right, useless.
– Howdy, Gotham. Joker’s back in town! (trademark snigger)
(meeting the brand new Batman) Ah, the new boy. Ears are too long, and i miss the cape, however not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.
(to Bruce) Do not get up, Bruce. It’s simply an old good friend, come by to say hiya. Hi there… Batman.
– That is one among Uncle Sam’s orbiting defense satellites. Hyperion-class, laser armed. Useful little gadget for capturing down unfriendly missiles, or giving anyone a world-class hotfoot! [simulation of the satellite tv for pc firing down on Gotham] Consider it as city tagging on a grand scale, reminding all and sundry that this is Joker territory! You are welcome to try and cease us, however – heh-heh – I’m not taking bets on that happening anytime quickly. Toodle!
– Aren’t you the nasty tattle-tale Ratting me out before I’ve my fun! (prepares to hearth the satellite laser) Papa spank!
(getting ready to fire the satellite laser) So where ought to I make floor zero Gotham Basic, where our hero’s dear little Dana is recuperating Or here, in the pleased garden of Mrs. Mary McGinnis I at all times think it provides a bit of resonance to a hero’s mission to have some defining ingredient of tragedy in his background, don’t you
[after shocking Ace] Finish of the road, Snoopy!
Adios, Brucie. I suppose I should salute you as a worthy adversary and all that, however the truth is I really did hate your guts. (blows raspberry)

Timothy Drake[edit]
(working on a communications array, not trying up) You may as well present your self. I heard you coming a wonder woman t shirt with cape york mile away. [Batman decloaks] I am no Boy Marvel anymore, however that old coaching never goes away, even at my age.
– Me and the others gave all the pieces, nevertheless it just wasn’t enough for the old man. I used to suppose, if I went on long sufficient, sometime he’d retire and I would… ah, the heck with it. Capes, costumes, unhealthy guys – it was child’s stuff! Bruce in all probability did me a favor. By the end, I used to be so sick of it I never wished to see that stupid Robin suit again…! [turns around; Batman is gone] Some issues never change.

Bruce Wayne[edit]
– Terry. I’ve been serious about one thing you once told me. And also you have been incorrect. It is not Batman that makes you worthwhile; it is the other manner around. By no means inform your self something different.
(After hitting a goal with a batarang) Still received it.

Dee-Dee Twins[edit]

A major portion of the film is devoted to the ultimate battle between the unique Batman and Joker; quotes from this phase are separated right here.

Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis/Batman II
Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Mark Hamill wonder woman t shirt with cape york as The Joker, Jordan Pryce
Angie Harmon as Commissioner Barbara Gordon
Dean Stockwell as Tim Drake
Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
Matthew Valencia as Tim Drake/Robin
Melissa Joan Hart as Delia and Deidre Dennis/Dee-Dee
Michael Rosenbaum as Stewart Carter Winthrop III/Ghoul
Henry Rollins as Benjamin Knox/Bonk
Don Patrick Harvey as Charles Buntz/Chucko
Lauren Tom as Dana Tan
Rachael Leigh Cook as Chelsea Cunningham
Frank Welker as Ace, Woof the Hyena-Man
Arleen Sorkin as Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
Teri Garr as Mary McGinnis
Ryan O’Donohue as Matt McGinnis
Vernee Watson-Johnson as Ms. Joyce Carr
Mary Scheer as Mrs. Drake
Andrea Romano as Tim Drake/Joker Jr.

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