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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Warner Bros.’ Top Alternative To Play The Iconic Villain

The Joker’s actual identify in the film is Jack Napier. In the original wonder woman t shirt womens number comic books, The Joker’s real title is at all times a carefully guarded secret, completed by narrative tips corresponding to having characters in “previous” scenes (before he had his transformation) handle him only as “hey you!”, or another noncommittal appellation, or having him about to say his name, but being instantly interrupted, or having him signal a kind which stays tantalizingly out of the reader’s vision or “off panel”. In the “current”, other characters usually try to study The Joker’s real name, but all the time just barely miss finding out. “Jack Napier” was used for The Joker in at the least one comedian book after this, but it surely was determined inside the story that this name was simply one other alias, as was Johnny Japes in one other story. Typically he facetiously says his title is Joe Kerr, a homonym for wonder woman t shirt womens number DC_Comics Joker. His origin tales, whereas presented with a point of consistency, have many deliberate Rashomon (1950)-like contradictions wonder woman t shirt womens number to reinforce the concept that the character is an enigma.